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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

let's go Wild!

So after watching the Wild hockey game versus the Detriot Red Wings on FSN Detroit, I vow never to watch the away teams tv channel. They jinxed Nik Backstrom in the final period by saying that they were jinxing him and his record of being 27-0-0 when leading after two periods. I despise them right now, but that's besides the point.
The Wild played an amazing game last night, quite possibly their best game all season long. We put on pressure against the top-seated NHL team and kept them to only a pair of goals in regulation. I can't complain too much about the OT loss since it was an OT loss. We still got a point for the amazing effots made by the players.
Mikko, what am I going to do with my hockey boyfriend? He got two penalties last night, one for roughing. I kept telling him that there was no need for him to impress me, he already does. I thought for sure Brent Burns would pick a fight at some point in time in the game, but to my surprise the fued between him and one of the Red Wing players diminished. Sadly, this lack of fighting will result in Carmen being able to sit on the side lines this coming Saturday and WATCH a group of us play hockey, rather than play with us. Guess she's going to be playing babysitting duties instead of being able to kick some ass against some of our guy friends.

I'm torn for Thursday night of this week. The Wild are on at 7:00pm against the Stars, but then again they are re-airing the Twins Classic of Scott Baker's near no-no on FSN. What will I do?! I never got to see that game last season...some conflict, I try to block out those painful memories of missing Twins games, so I don't really recall what I was doing instead. If anyone has any good ideas as to what I can do or which game I should watch, please let me know! I'm willing to gather data and weigh my options.

Another note, only 53 days until Home Opener!

Okay, all for now kidies.

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