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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New additions to the 'pen

So I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I have prided myself in knowing the bullpen from the start of the season. I can tell you which pitcher is walking on to the 'pen during warm ups, and also who is warming up (during the games). With a new guy in the mix, it's going to throw me off. I have a feeling in order for the Twins to make room on the 25-man roster for Craig Breslow, they will option Bobby Korecky to Triple-A Rochester. I don't want to see Korecy go! He does the potty dance, he busts me when I'm taking pictures of him, and he's batting at 1.00. How can the Twins option him off??

Do they move Brian Bass? I doubt it. He's their "long reliver". I have a feeling though, that if Boof gets moved to the 'pen when Scott "Timmy" Baker comes back with the team, that they will place Bass of waivers then, because they will have to make a move at that point in time too (from the 25-man roster) to make room for Scott Baker. It seems like the viable option. That option doesn't bother me however. I'm quite indiferent toward Brian Bass. Whether he goes or stays will not really effect me.

Okay, so my predictions: Craig Breslow on 25-man roster, Bobby Korecky optioned to Triple-A Rochester.
Scott Baker reactivated from 15-day DL, Brian Bass placed on waivers. (Boof moved to 'pen).

My psychic abilities are telling me this will be what happens!

In my hopes of our shortstop. I would LOVE to see Brendan Harris continue to play SS, rather than Adam Everett ever coming back. I think my alt-boyfriend plays way better at SS than he does at 2nd base...why? you ask? Well, Brendan Harris played SS for Tampa Bay, so he's used to this position, and having to change over to 2nd base can really throw someone off and screw with their ability to play well. I think Adam Everett is a very nice guy, but honestly he hasn't appealed to me in his "skills" this year. Lots of balls not quite getting to first base on routine plays, fielding (that should have been done), not done nor any effort made to stop the ball from going into the outfield.
Maybe I'll start a petition...Brendan Harris for everyday SS! Who's with me?

So, the quest for Justin Morneau's entrance music has finally been solved! My friends co-worker, my friend and me all were in the mix trying to figure out what exactly Justin entered too, and frankly it was driving me nuts. I recognized the tune, but couldn't hear enough of the song to be able to put my finger on it! (In case there are any other crazies out there it's "Big Gun" by AC/DC, this of course is for the 2008 season...may change next year.)

Time to go to my "community room" tonight at my apartment to watch the beautiful Kevin Slowey pitch. He needs my love and cheers tonight as they face the Royals for one last game. Here's hoping for a sweep (or at least not a loss for Kevin) against the Royals! (Also, here's hoping that the stupid fan chants of "Let's go Royals" does not stick in my head again tonight, like it has the past two night, annoyingly.)

Soon to come: "You know you've been to too many Twins games when...". My list of ways to tell if you have been to too many Twins games. WARNING: It's a long list...but a funny one.

Monday (June 2nd) will mark game number 11 for me for the season (in 10 weeks of games). And it'll mark game #10, in which none of my funds went to purchase the tickets. Cheers to free tickets! However if the announcers were lying to me about Kevin Slowey pitching on Monday night (on the radio they said this), then I might have to pay for game number 2 and go to the game on Tuesday so I can see Kevin pitch again! I'm all about seeing him pitch. I have successfully seen every (or should I say both) home games he's pitched so far.

Well time for me to say goodbye for now...maybe even a goodbye to Bobby Korecky! It was awesome getting busted for taking your picture, Bobby! Thanks for being funny to watch and being able to entertain me during the games! I'll miss ya!

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