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Friday, May 30, 2008


These are for Emma! :)

This is a lot of "J" names in one picture...Joe, Joe, Justin, Jason.

Nicky Punto waving hi!

Brendan waiving back...

Me and Joe Nathan!

Dennys Reyes pitching...what's that in his pocket??!!

Justin trying to hit me and Emma with a foul ball!! BAD JUSTIN!!

Justin running after his hit...cheeks still poofed up!

Joe Nathan pitching...my favortie time of the game!

Joe...do you need someone to help clean you?!?!

Justin taking a big swing!

Jason making contact, but listening well to me and getting out!!

Jason watching his fly ball to right field!

Jason batting with Joe behind the plate!

Justin's big swing!

The pitchers weird "raptor" type baserunner check. Yeah, I think it's weird too!

Joe, stop looking at me...I'm looking at Jason right now!!

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