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Thursday, June 26, 2008

All Hail the Wonderful Slowey...and Glen

So it's been a few wonderful nights in Twins land. The Twins are on an amazing winning streak, our starting pitchers have been amazing (well Glen wasn't entirely amazing, but he got a win, so it's redeemable.)

I would like to take credit for Brendan Harris' hitting (extra bases) streak that he's on right now. It started right around the time that I almost spilt the beer on him, and since then he's just been on a roll! Two home runs and a bunch of hits. I think he totally owes me for that. :)

You're welcome Brendan. You can repay me later.

I was loving watching Kevin Slowey on Tuesday night against the Padres. He did great and had a shutout going...and then Jesse Crain came in and tied the game up, just to destroy Kevin Slowey getting the win. I think he was conspiring against Kevin, and I might be fighting with Jesse now...I haven't decided yet. It's a good thing that Brendan could pull through for us and hit the ball over the fence (in what Bert and Dick constantly referred to as the "pitchers ballpark"). I was also amazed that Craig Monroe hit a homerun last night...he always shocks me when he gets hits, because they are few and far between. The tendancy for him to hit the ball when I'm NOT watching is ALWAYS likely. I don't think Monroe likes me very well, but that's okay, I'm not his biggest fan either.

I thought it was super cool when I saw my friend flash across the screen right after the commercial break at the top of the 5th inning on Tuesday's game. Her sign for circling, and then Bert circling her. It's fun to see your friends on TV when they are in another state. Especially when they are where you would rather be. She got Craig Breslow to notice the sign that she brought for him, and then Go-Gomez and Casilla to notice the one she made for them.

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