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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And Then They Rested...Picking on the Ho-Ho

I sometimes hate "off-days". They leave me starving for good sporting news. I haven't gotten much news on the Wild, so nothing in the paper today really thrilled me. I'm not going to lie, reading about Delmon Young and his brother coming into town, wasn't really a "page-turner" in my mind.
So in my boredom, I decided to go back to old Twins galleries ('06 and '07) using my wonderful "Twins Territory Team" Membership. I found some funny pictures...and some I just made funny with my amazing sense of humor. (Captions are underneath)Joe is a little camera shy at his American Idol audition.

I always knew Lew Ford was "special". Be sure to read the caption, it says "Twins outfielder Lew Ford poses with a group raising funds for Special Olympics..."...Doesn't Lew fit in well? (yes, I know I'm mean...I really did like Lew Ford!)

This was always humorous to me. Ahh, Justin...such a sense of humor.

Alexi Casilla showing us just how tall he really is.

Nicky Punto is in need of some serious laxatives! Constipation is nobody's friend.

I guess he's showing us where it hurts. Thanks, Nicky. Thanks A LOT.

Reaching out for help with his "problem".

I've got better solution, Nicky!


S.Rail said...

Wow. That was really Weird. Good Thing you helped Nick out or he could have been on the DL longer than expected!

Mrs. Slowey said...

lol...yeah, i was bored. :) i just kept finding picture with him making THAT face! made me laugh