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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blackburn to the Rescue!

So I think my psychic abilities went into play yesterday when blogging. I said that I had hoped Nick Blackburn would pitch well and even allow me to see Joe Nathan in the process. I got to see Joe Nathan! (Partially because Dennys Reyes tried to ruin the game and the win AGAIN for Nick Blackburn) I think Joe Nathan is like a drug…I must have been going through major withdrawal because not seeing him since June 4th felt like an eternity. I was feigning for Joe Nathan.
I was elated last night with the win. It was a very well deserved and well needed win in the score books. Blackburn pitched very well and the boys even produced good consecutive hits (something they couldn’t do against Sabathia). I am hopeful that this is just one in MANY consecutive wins. My roommate is a fan of the Brewers (yes, I know, they make me want to vomit too) and he was saying how they have been on a losing streak too and needed to start winning. I told him that they needed to get those wins last night and tonight because come Friday-Sunday, the Twins are going to win against them. I think they are done playing Minnesota nice and are ready to kick the Brewers into oblivion.
I can’t wait until Friday’s game. I am far too excited to see Kevin Slowey and the rest of the Twins pitchers bat in the games vs. the Brewers. We don’t get to see this sort of thing every day, so one must take enjoyment in it when it finally comes upon us. Kevin, Glen, and Scott. Batter’s up! Just remember boys, think like piranhas. We don’t need YOU to get homeruns…just on base. Walks work just as effectively as hits too in order for you to reach first base. Plus with a walk…no running is involved.

I’ve decided that we should all play a little game that I’m going to call, “Who’s that Scott Baker?” It’ll be like Let’s Make a Deal, except you’ll just have to try and figure out whose booty is in the picture…I like to refer to taking pictures of players booty’s as “Scott Baker-ing it” since it all started (me taking pictures of Twins/Wild players bootys) with Scott Baker. Study up…there will be a test. Here is our first victim:
Takers? Let me know your guesses!
In other FANTASTIC news…it looks like Juan Rincon might actually be the pitcher put on the chopping block when it comes to making a cut to bring up a position player. I couldn’t be more thrilled, but I’m sure that selfish bastard is going to tell the Twins that he doesn’t want the assignment to Triple-A Rochester, and that he wants to be a free agent. Who is the world is going to want you, Juan Rincon?!? Seriously, maybe you should just consider retiring right now. I know that in “normal” jobs, you can’t sip vodka all day…unless you work at a bar…but you’re just going to have to man-up and get a real job. So sorry! (I think all this hostility toward Juan Rincon started last year when he was rather rude to me…on multiple occasions. I just developed dislike toward him, and it hasn’t gotten any better in the course of the off-season either. Maybe if he would have bucked up and been nice like say, Jesse Crain or Adam Everett, I might be a little sad to see him go, but nope! His lack of pitching skills this year has left me wishing I would slit my own wrists rather than watch him screw up yet another game we could have won.)

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