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Monday, June 23, 2008

Brushes and Brooms...Unplugged

After a nice long weekend for myself, two Twins games, and a Baseball Unplugged later, I am back with pictures and a story. I have discovered (after asking), that the starting pitcher gets to pick which jersey they wear (which is what I thought). Glen Perkins convinced Kevin Slowey to wear the Navy jerseys. (note to Glen Perkins: THANKS!! I owe you one.) I was having a crappy day on Wednesday...God decided to give me, Kevin Slowey pitching (with a win) and Kevin Slowey in the Navy jersey. That night could not have gotten any better, unless Kevin would have been following me home after the game was over.

Well, Thursday night included me going to Baseball Unplugged, which usually Michael Cuddyer hosts this event, he was not there, Mike Redmond was "subbing" for him. I am going to say this, and some may not like it, including Mr. Cuddyer. I like Mike Redmond better as a host. He's funny, and he tells us stories about how Joe Mauer is a rapper. (Joe has a program on his Mac where you can make songs...Kevin made fun of him that he chose to do a rap song rather than anything else...and also said that Joe had to buy the microphone in order to record, which Joe claims he already had the mic.) Cuddy, you're going to have A LOT to live up to for the next Unplugged...


  1. Kevin Slowey, enough said.
  2. Finding out Joe Mauer is a rapper.
  3. Almost getting to hear Joe Mauer rap.
  4. Kevin Slowey picking on Joe Mauer ridiculously.
  5. Listening to Joe Mauer, Mike Redmond, Kevin Slowey, and Matt Tolbert sing "Happy Birthday"...badly, I might add.
  6. Getting a snipet of "Happy Birthday" on video.
  7. Finding out Kevin Slowey and Matt Tolbert are single.
  8. Finding out Kevin Slowey doesn't live with Glen anymore, but now lives with Matt Tolbert.
  9. Getting free tickets.
  10. Extra guests at Unplugged...ie. Matt Tolbert, and Brendan Harris
  11. Being remembered by players.
  12. Ridiculous fun!

Okay, now onto my klutz moment story:

Once upon a time at a Baseball Unplugged, this girl, we'll call her Ava, realized that there were extra beautiful baseball players that were in attendance and wanted to get a picture with them. (even though she already had one with one of the players)...after getting her autograph from the man she loved, the man who loved her, and the host, she went over to Mr. Matt Tolbert. She asked for her picture and he agreed without hesitation. Well just as Ava's friend was ready to snap the picture, this girl's elbow bumped into the beer on the ledge. Before she could stop it, it was on it's way tumbling down, trying to spill it's contents ALL over the wonderful Brendan Harris. Ava was thankful that Brendan had such cat-like reflexes and jumped out of the way. She tried to appologize (after being told she had committed a "party foul" even though she wasn't at a party per se.) he waived her off, telling her it was okay and it wasn't even his. Brendan said "it's his" and points to Matt Tolbert. Ava's face flushed from embarrassment and her lack of grace, and turned to Mr. Tolbert. She said, "Matt Tolbert, I'm SO sorry, can I buy you another beer?" She hoped he would forgive her...after all, she did like him better after meeting him than she had before that night. He responded, "it's alright," with a wink, "I'll just go get another one."
She realized it was okay, even though she was still a little embarrassed, but walked away knowing he'd remember her klutzy-ness the next time they met.

The End.

Haha...okay, so I am cheesy, but I am making up for it now with some pictures from Unplugged, and pictures from Wednesday's game. Enjoy (captions are under the pictures)!

Mr. Matt Tolbert and I at Unplugged.
Kevin Slowey looking cute as ever at Baseball Unplugged
Mike Redmond "the host" at Unplugged.
Joe with glasses and scruff at Unplugged...
Brendan Harris enjoying Unplugged... :) he wasn't scheduled to be there, but it was alright with me that he was!
Um, Boys...it's not okay to scratch your butts!!
Mr. Mauer

I swear I was taking a picture of his batting glove...his ass just got in the way! He's pretty, even though he's engaged. Joe, catching the ball...lol...I just tried to get a picture of him snuggling with Kevin...
Got three of my boys...
Go-Gomez running backwards...apparently I can get him running backwards, but not forward...
Kevin...and his leg bending in very awkward ways!

Cristian Guzman
Brian Buscher...I'm uncomfortable with you doing that! Justin..."steping up to the plate!"

Brendan Harris, "pulling a Jason"...lolGo-Gomez defying gravity...

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Excellent pictures and stories. Thanks for sharing them.