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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

calm after the storm

I have decided to look toward the positives of the Twins vs. Chicago series.


1. We no longer have to play in Chicago this year.
2. Glen Perkins and co. wore the navy jerseys yesterday. (I think Glen likes the navy ones the best too...Glen, we like you for that!)
3. Nick Swisher is the devil, so that's why we lost. His helmet/hat just hides the horns on his head. Just ask Those Girls if he is or not. They'll agree.
4. Matt Macri getting at bats (okay, so this really isn't necessarily a positive from the Twins vs. White Sox series, but I don't have much else.)
5. We now get to play in Cleveland and watch Scott Baker do this: (thank you, Scott Baker!)Other than those 5 reasons, I am exhausted for "positives" of the Twins/White Sox series. Twins open tonight in Cleveland against the Indians. No Jason Tyner to "homeboy" it for during the games, and no rants about the Twins from Tyner.
I'm hoping for a win tonight. I figure maybe the Twins won't play "Minnesota nice" with the tribe, since they won their last game against Detroit. We always seem to just hand over those games. Don't give this one away boys!!
It looks like Mike Redmond AND Joe Mauer are both in the lineup tonight. Apparently after Kubel and Monroe couldn't produce and get us anywhere in the past few games, Gardy is going to give Patch (Mike Redmond) a shot to show us his skills as a DH. Hopefully he'll be the great clutch hitter than Gardy is hoping for and that the Twins need right now.
Tonight: Can the Twins rebound and produce off of C.C. Sabathia? Only time, and bats (hits off of those bats) will tell. Can our bullpen show us that they can go back to the days of joy, when they weren't sucking and giving up about a gazillion runs? Again, only time will tell. I might have to start a petition soon (if we don't get some winning games with save opportunities). It's going to be called "Let Joe Nathan Pitch, Even If His Save Count Does Not Depend On It." Anyone willing to sign it with me?

In some non-Twins news, I have found out the Branko Radivojevic is not going to be playing for the Wild next season. He's apparently going to be playing in Russia. It's sad news that I am forced to report, but I guess there might be more hope for him in Russia at getting playing time and compensation. I do wish him all the best luck there and will miss his pretty face next season!

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