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Monday, June 16, 2008

Double Dose...

Oh where or where to start? Do I start with the fact that I'm beginning to become less and less of a Livan Hernandez fan every time he goes out and pitches? Maybe if he could, I don't know, win a game, I might not want to dislike him so much.

Kudos though to Kevin Slowey for not only pitching as well as we all know he can, but also for swinging that bat and making Milwaukee Brewers look super retarded for walking Mike Lamb (who has a tendancy to get out) just so that they can face Slowey. Brillant move on their part. I really didn't mind seeing Kevin bat in that inning, nor did I mind watching him get 2 RBI's! I'm not going to lie, I squealed like a little girl at a Hannah Montana concert.It was a great sight! I like interleague play...mainly because I get to see my pitchers bat. It's hillarious...especially when Glen Perkins bats...he hasn't batted since he was freshman in high school and oh my, did he look like it when he stepped into the batters box.
I felt bad for Joe Nathan on Saturday night...I only watched about 3 total innings of the game (and listened to the last two innings) because I was in transit from my parents house. I think Joe Nathan wanted me to watch him pitch that night (because they were in the Navy; Joe Nathan + Navy jerseys = YUMMY!) Thankfully, even though Joe Nathan gave away the save, the Twins still came back to win the game with force. I was so happy for Cuddy! Pinch hitting and then getting a "triple" homerun. That was awesome to do to the Brewers!
I was hopeful for a win yesterday. Scott Baker did amazing, and I still love him even though he gave up the go-ahead 2-run homerun. Though he didn't do amazing things with his bat like Kevin did, he still managed to get 4 strikeouts in one inning (yep, I'm not sure how you would score that since "technically" Fielder's strikeout was K-WP, but yet he went to first because of the WP...maybe you just wouldn't "circle" the out. If anyone knows, feel free to share your knowledge of information that I lack.) I think the players go in shifts of who they are going to give run support to on a per-game basis. Friday 10-2, Kevin Slowey, Saturday 9-4, Scott Baker, and yesterday (Sunday) 2-3, Scott Baker. I think the Twins should have found a way to get 8 runs! Yesterday the umps did make some crap calls though. I didn't like the umpire ignoring Brendan Harris' request for time and the ump letting the pitcher throw when the batter was not looking or paying attention. Hi, didn't someone die from being struck with a line drive? Couldn't something like a 90+ MPH fastball possibly having the same effect if the batter were struck with it? (Yes, I understand that they wear helmets, but there are always accidents.)
Poor Brendan. I sympathize with you. I do!
I do enjoy the fact that because Nick Blackburn feeling sore, the pitching rotation has now shifted. (PS, if anyone wants free tickets to Wednesdays game...upper level near the family section...let me know ASAP! I have 6 tickets for sure that I won't be able to use.) I get to see Kevin Slowey pitch on Wednesday, which thrills me. I enjoy watching him close though, so seats near the bullpen (for pregame warm up time) are in order. Screw my free tickets.
Enjoyable picture of the day (it's sad that Joe is as tall as the man fielding the ball from the knees up.):

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