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Friday, June 6, 2008

falling short...AH-HAH!

Well, so I find it amusing, that 17 hours after the demote Matt Macri to Triple-A Rochester, they have to recall him because Punto is going back on the 15-day DL. Is this fate, or is this my negative karma I sent towards the Twins (decision making) staff? I think it's karma. I said how unhappy I was about the move, I knew that they were going to need Matt with Punto complaining about "lingering soreness". I knew it! Now, we're still at 13 pitchers, and 3 bench players, ugh! I'm beginning to think that Gardy is going to move Kevin Slowey to a DH or fielding position...for a bit yesterday, I was wondering if Kevin decided that he wanted to be like Joe Mauer (doesn't everyone wish they were Joe?). At first I didn't think I heard the radio announcers right when they said, "pinch running for Redmond is Kevin Slowey." but after checking online and confirming what they said, I found Kevin Slowey was running for Mike Redmond. Is Gardy trying to tell us that he feels his doesn't have enough work for all 13 of his pitchers that he is going to use them in other ways instead? It's possible.

I am amused by watching the pitchers bat, but seriously, we're not in the NL. They don't have to bat. I know it's shocking to learn! Oooh! Maybe Boof can just learn how to field balls and be our new left fielder!!! I'd support that idea. In fact, I think I'd like him out there better than Delmon Young. Hmm...things to ponder.

I was happy yesterday when Scott Baker didn't factor into the decision for a W or a L. Since we only got the lead once in the game (the bottom of the first inning), and then blew it later, it was a good thing in my mind that Baker left before he could pull a "Brian Bass" and give up a solo shot to let the Orioles go ahead. As I've stated before, I'm really quite indiferent toward Brian Bass. He hasn't really impressed me by any means, but then again he hasn't done terrible (like Juan Rincon) to deserve constant bashing. I'm Switzerland...I'm neutral.

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