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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

For the Love of Joe Mauer

Okay, so I'm not like every typical girl Minnesota Twins fan. Joe Mauer is not my favorite Twins player, in fact he's not even in my top 5. I think that it surprises most guys when they ask me who my favorite Twins player is, and I don't respond with Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau. Don't get me wrong, I do think they both are attractive guys, but they are just not who I would classify as my favorites.
The favorites are as follows:
1. Kevin Slowey (I know, a given)
2. Brendan Harris
3. Scott Baker
4. Joe Nathan
5. Nick Blackburn (he's the cuter version of Joe Mauer, plus he's been doing amazing this year)
I sort of have a thing for pitchers. I know, it's hard to tell with how diverse my top 5 is.

**Okay, back to Joe Mauer...last night while I was present at the game, I was talking to Joe (yes, I find that it helps the players when I talk to them and tell them to get hits. Just like it helps when I do sideburns for Joe when he's up to bat and dimples for Cuddy when he is.) and I told Joe that it was time for him to get a homerun, he needed to start! I told him, just hit a homerun now and the next pitch, it was out of the park for Joe Mauer's first homerun of the season. I'm so glad that he could now be tied for number of homeruns with ADAM EVERETT! Everett isn't one that is going to hit more than 5 homeruns this season, he's doesn't have that much power in his swing, but as of right now, he's got just as many long balls as Joe.
It was an amazing game last night with a great win. In the paper they were talking about how Delmon Young was shining last night. I beg to difer. I think his bat shined, but his fielding showed us the young player that he is, with bobbled balls and missed catches. He's definitely got a lot to learn as a player still. He needs to watch Michael Cuddyer replays over and over at night at the games so that he can learn how to be a good outfielder, and make accurate throws and catches. (heck, even catches off of his hat every now and then are fine too...thanks for that, Cuddy!)

Tonight, I get to see the wonderful and beautiful Kevin Slowey pitch against the Orioles. I have so much love and dedication to that wonderful man, that I have seen him pitch every home game he has pitched. Granted this is only going to be his third start at home. Tonight marks my second game this whole season (out of 12) that I have had to pay for. But Kevin Slowey is worth the $25 I shelled out.

Tonight my goal is to get another picture of Go-Gomez running. He makes me laugh how he runs...it's very odd, but by far entertaining for me.

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