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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Free Lunch and A Free Shave!?

**UPDATE** The Baseball gods have listened...Juan Rincon is being cut loose from the Twins. His locker was cleared out today and he left the field before reporters got there. YAY!!!
Go here for the story.

I've decided that some of the Twins players are starting to look a little "scruffy". I am nominating a few of them to find razors to be friends with and to get quickly aquainted with said razors. You will learn to love them.Nick, hunny...you did good, but your face looks prettier when it's clean. STOP trying to be like Joe Mauer.Cuddy...how does your wife put up with the "occasional" shave. You can grow facial hair...and quickly. Maybe you should get two razors for those 5 o'clock shadows that seem to appear frequently when you are around. Everyone will appreciate it more. Jason Kubel...'nuf said. When doesn't he need to meet a razor?!?!Last but not least...Joe Mauer. Joe, I'm not going to lie...I'm not your biggest fan, but honestly don't shave. I like the scruff on you. It looks hot. You're the only one who I would recommend breaking your razor to.

So I've been contemplating whether or not free tickets are worth me having to sit by and hang out with my co-workers for two night in a row. And not just a few co-workers, but many many co-workers. What ever will the think when I take pictures like this:Or look like a "stalker" with taking pictures...:Good thing for empty seats in the Metrodome...I will have to hope and pray for A LOT of empty seats to move to.

Ahh...the bullpen. How I love thee...(minus Juan Rincon).


Katie said...

You're totally right about Joe Mauer. I think he actually looks better with a little bit of scruff too.

Jason Kubel is just kind of gross.

Mrs. Slowey said...

when isn't Jason Kubel gross though might be a better question? :) My cousin thinks he's hot...i frequently look at him and go "why? really?"

Kayla said...

agreed. joe's hot when he doesn't shave. also agreed on the fact that kubes is too lumberjack-ish for my taste.

Mrs. Slowey said...

i wonder if Kubel EVER shaves? doesn't seem like it.