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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is this Seattle?

With all this rain and losses in baseball, I'm beginning to think I live in Seattle and cheer for the Mariners.Here's the new Kevin Slowey and Joe Mauer. They now play for the Mariners. Guess the hometown hero is no longer in our "home" town.So I have now made myself as depressed thinking about Kevin Slowey and Co. playing for another team about as depressed as these losses are making me. **starts humming to herself "Praying for Sunny Days"**
Okay, I'm back. What to say about last night. We lost. On the bright side, we didn't lose horribly bad, Juan Rincon didn't pitch, Matty Guierrer didn't want to be part of the "bad pitcher club" anymore, and Scott Baker was amazing in his 7 innings. (The Twins' longest since Kevin Slowey's complete game on May 29!) It's unfortunate that our bats weren't making any dents in the Indians outfield; and it's unfortunate that Go-Gomez and Brendan Harris had to have slip ups in the wet field. But, we can't blame the field being wet for our loss. The Indians only managed to score 1 run, for crying out loud! ONE RUN!!! We couldn't sting a pair of hits together to do anything agasint C.C. Sabathia. I used to like Sabathia, mainly because his name was fun to say (and also partly because he was such a great pitcher), but now...NOW, I despise him and his great pitching. Hey, C.C., at least Scott Baker makes amazing, unintentional, catches to get outs! Did you do that last night? I don't think so!
I've decided that the Twins need to put together a winning streak so that I can stop ranting and complaining about the bad news of losing. I don't like losing, and I don't like it when my teams (Twins and Wild) go on LONG losing streaks. I KNOW they can do better than this!!
I frequently offer to "sleep" with Joe Mauer if he gets hits...I might have to offer up to some others (haven't decided who), and only give them options of getting home runs to "sleep" with me. Cuddy, watch out. I'm coming for you, I think!!
I did enjoy Go-Gomez's spin around move to avoid getting hit. Maybe he should have taken one for the team though...got on base.And yes, Brendan, I am as upset about the fact that NO ONE could get any kind of "run producing" hits last night too!

Tonight...Nick "I Want to Look Like Joe Mauer" goes up against the Tribe. COME ON, NICK! WIN US A GAME! Preferably in a way for me to see Joe Nathan pitch as well. I have faith that Nick is going to pull through for me with this request.


S.Rail said...

I would be very Sad if Slowey went to Seattle. He is too good for them. I hope B-burn can do something Amazing for us tonight.

Mrs. Slowey said...

yes, it would be very sad day indeed if Slowey went to Seattle! Yay for Nick being able to dominate, and to the bullpen for not giving up the game again!