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Monday, June 9, 2008

Juan Rincon makes me want to drink...

So I've decided to invent a *new* drinking game. It's called, lets take a drink every time a Twins pitcher **cough** Juan Rincon **cough**, gives up a run. Don't like that? How about, every time a Twins player makes a half-assed attempt to field a play **cough** Delmon Young **cough**. Or Nick Swisher such a giant jackass that needs to become a bullseye for me to throw darts at.See! Proof that he makes a GREAT target!
I feel bad for Kevin Slowey. His parents were at the game yesterday, and he didn't do too good. I think he was nervous, but also I think some of our defense was quite lacking. It didn't seem like Kubel or Young were making the kinds of plays I KNOW they can make. Instead they sort of looked like I would in the field. Half-assed effort. I found myself saying to the TV numerous times, "Cuddy would have made that catch Kubel!" I shouldn't have to say that to the TV. Kubel should just amaze me with his skills in the field. It's no wonder he's a DH, and not a position player. I understand Gardy's reasons now.

I really wanted to throw something at the TV however when Nick Swisher came up to the plate. He's such an arrogant ass he makes me want to puke in my mouth (yes, I know, that's gross). I can't stand him. I think I dislike him even more than I dislike Manny Ramirez, and believe me, I don't like Manny very much either.

I liked the ideas for how the boys could gain back some points with us fans that Those Girls came up with. For the puppies in the dugout...I have a candidate for that position. His name is Guillermo. He even snorts for your pleasure!
Hopefully today will be a little less mind numbing. There is a good chance we won't have to endure the painful pitching of Juan Rincon (since he helped the White Sox, 10-run us yesterday) which is always good news. I am in desperate need of Joe Nathan. Not that I get to watch the game, I just miss hearing his name and knowing that he is about to make me think that he wants to blow his save opportunity, just to bedazzle me later by making an amazing out. Well we all know that Joe Nathan appearances wouldn't make a good drinking game...Lord knows we haven't seen him enough this year. Way to go boys, deprive me of Joe Nathan. This is almost as bad as the Twins ridding us of Jason Bartlett (yes, I am still bitter). Do you think the Rays would give us him back and take Delmon Young back...heck, I'll even throw in Juan Rincon, FOR FREE! They can just have him.


Katie said...

Guillermo is ADORABLE. He would look great in the dugout!

I hate having Nick Swisher in our division. I hated him before, I hate him more now.

S.Rail said...

Hello Fellow Slowey Lover. Never seen your blog before, so I'd thought I'd Check it out. I also LOVE *Kevin Slowey* with a passion, and am a spaztic Twins fan!

Mrs. Slowey said...

thanks for checking my blog out! :)
yes, kevin slowey is wonderful and very lovely.