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Thursday, June 19, 2008

klutz moments, but funny stories!

Okay, so tonight was baseball unplugged. Scheduled guests: Mike Redmond, Joe Mauer, and Kevin Slowey. Loved it. Then, when it started, they told everyone how Matt Tolbert was there, and then Brendan Harris walked in a little later. I was on cloud nine. Well I'll just say this for now, with pictures and more of the story to come later, I spilled Matt Tolbert's beer...and it was almost on Brendan Harris.

Ponder this until Monday!


S.Rail said...

I SO wish I could have gone to that!!! However, It would have been a teesy bit better if Nick Blackburn was there. :)

Mrs. Slowey said...

yeah, blackburn is pretty! it's unfortunate that he's engaged. :(
he was at the last unplugged however...before this one