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Monday, June 2, 2008

The psychic is in!

Well my psychic abilities worked...well for at least part of the prediction so far. My prediction that Bobby Korecky would be send to Triple-A came true. The other prediction might be put on hold until the Twins figure out whether or not Nick Blackburn will be able to pitch on Friday in Chicago or not. I'm hopeful that he'll be able to pitch. Thankfully, he only has some bruises and swelling. Nothing broken from the nasty liner.
(for more of the story to what happened go to: StarTribune's site)
I'm fortunate to go to both tonights game and also Tuesdays game. I'm looking forward to tomorrow nights game more than tonight, but that's only because Kevin Slowey is the starting pitcher tomorrow night. I am in love with him, so it's understandable that I would want to show him my love by supporting him and going to see him pitch.

So in other Twins news, Nick Punto's wife Natalie gave birth to a baby girl on Friday, they were mean and named her Nicole. So now the Punto's consist of Nick, Natalie and Nicole. Wow, that's a mouthful. I don't know that I would be able to be that cheesy if I ever had kids. It's very corny, but I guess I've known people to do it as well.

I figured out today why Mike Lamb and I are friends. I thought it was just our mutual love for The Classic Crime, but I have figured out the real reason. His boy, who is only 3 1/2 shares the same birthday as none other than me. It's fate that Mike Lamb and I should be friends, because his son was born before I even knew who he was as a player. What a grand way to make friends.

I'm a bit annoyed with the lack of news from The Wild. My dear friend Mike Russo hasn't had an recent updates that concern my team, nor has the Wild's website (which frankly, the latter of the two, doesn't surprise me.) I want to know how many new people I am going to have to learn the names and numbers of and which of my boys I am going to have to part with. So far, I only know of Chris Simon (who I liked when I met him, thankfully before he no longer was a Wild player), and Petteri Nummelin (whom I never got to meet, unfortunately). I would like to know if my homeboy (Brian Rolston) and Pretty boy (Radivojevic) or if Aaron Voros will be returning. I'm guessing (and again using my psychic abilities) that Aaron Voros will be back...I'm also guessing that I'm going to want to pull teeth when they announce whom Pavol Demitra has signed with, which I think will most likely be Vancouver Canucks. I despise the Canucks, more than I despise Calgary.

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