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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

tune for the poparazzi

So as promised, I took pictures last night at the game. Unfortunately, I don't have a win to report for the games' outcome, but nonetheless it was fun making fun of a really drunk girl in attendance, who repeatedly told the bullpen (no one in particular, Joe Nathan once...when he wasn't even in the bullpen at the time) "it's my birthday". I really wanted to make it into a drinking game. I would have been wasted enough for everyone in the Metrodome with how many times she repeated that. It was amusing, watching her. I thought at one point in time, she was going to throw herself over the railing and at the members of the bullpen, all the members of the bullpen. (Yes, even Reyes and Rincon.) I don't think she would have even noticed the difference between them and Joe Nathan (clearly she didn't when she told "Joe Nathan" it was her birthday).
Okay, time for pictures!
Joe Nathan in the bullpen

Craig Breslow warming up
Craig Breslow throwing the ball...
Joe Nathan warming up some more...
Joe Nathan...he got very distracting
Craig warming up the outfielders
Warming up some more with the outfielders
Walking back to the bench (I swear I'm not a stalker)
Joe Nathan

Breslow warming up

Kevin Slowey warming up before the game

Brendan Harris (wishing he was Jason Bartlett...gosh I miss him!!)

Swinging the bat

He's pretty!


Kevin Slowey warming up some more

Joe after stretching

National Anthem time...

Why does the bullpen always look bored during games?

Go-Gomez...he's too fast when he's running to get pictures!

Go-Gomez is entertaining...

I love him!

yep...still love him!

Throwing the Mike Redmond

Joe Mauer

Some more Go-Gomez stretching...

He knew I wanted an ass shot from him!


Dear Kevin...

I have fun with pictures...and when pitchers warm up.
Kevin's glove...and balls...teehee...

There was a LONG parade behind him.

He's fun like Scott Baker is when he warms up and stretches...lol

Okay, I know my pictures sort of have a "stalker" feel to them, but I swear with Craig Breslow, I was just trying to figure out if he was cute, and to actually get some pictures of the new guy...and with Kevin, well I am in love with him, so you can understand why I NEED pictures of him. I need to be in awe of his beauty and be reminded (constantly) why I love him so much!
Nothing else to say.


Katie said...

OK, I totally appreciate all the pictures of Breslow because I have also been trying to figure out if he's cute or not. Your mad photography skillz definitely help! I think I'm falling down on the side of "sort of cute." But I LOVE smart guys...so that bolsters his cuteness in my opinion.

I wish I could've played the "It's My Birthday" drinking game....sounds very inebriating!

Mrs. Slowey said...

it was very entertaining watching the "it's my birthday" girl.