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Monday, June 9, 2008

Walks will haunt?!?!

Crying out loud, if you're a MN Twins pitcher, maybe you should consider intentionally walking Nick "giant jackass pinata" Swisher instead of risking the chance of being like other MN Twins pitchers and giving him a homerun. Nick Swisher doesn't hit home runs off of the Twins, the Twins give him homeruns.
We might have had a chance at this game, until Jesse Crain decided he wanted to be like Glen and give him a home run.

More updates to come as my frustration grows...

Update: Matty Guierrer is now even letting me down. Way to go, Matty. Way to give up our lead and hand over ANOTHER HOME RUN TO A STUPID WHITE SOX BATTER! (deep breath) It's not Matty's fault...he just wanted to be like every other Twins pitcher (minus Joe Nathan). Poor, poor Matty Guierrer. He at least took my advise and walked Nick Swisher. Now the Twins are dependant on Brian Bass. God help us.

Again, more updates as frustrations grow...

Well, I think going into the bottom of the 8th, down by two, that maybe they should just waive those white flags and just let the White Sox have the game. It might be a little less embarassing this way. Think about it, boys.

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