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Thursday, June 5, 2008

What this world needs now

Okay, I just have to start by saying how annoyed I was that they didn't wear the navy jerseys on Tuesday when I was at the game, no they waited until last night to wear them. I'm glad that I at least got to enjoy watching them wear those. I MISS THE NAVY JERSEYS! I can't express that enough. I even sat with perfect stragers, who were quiet creepy, and endured the small talk JUST so I could see the beautiful Joe Nathan in the Navy jersey. It was a beautiful sight. Joe and Justin even look better in the navy. Here's proof.

Now, I am going to admit I was wrong, which won't happen very often, because I am not wrong often (no, this is not me being conceited. Just honest.). I was wrong in my prediction with the Scott Baker move. I thought they would likely get rid of someone in the bullpen (ie. Rincon or Bass, my guess), but NO they had to go and get rid of a perfectly good player like Matt Macri.

Why, oh why did you have to go an get rid of such a beautiful man, and keep JUAN RINCON! I think Gardy has a man crush on Juan. I'm not sure why he does, or why ANYONE would have any kind of crush on that man, but I really think he does. I know, and understand that Matt Macri had options still, and can still be recalled from Triple-A, and how they have overworked the bullpen in a few of the last starts, but I still don't feel like they need a 13-man pitching staff. What happens if Punto hurts himself again, well, you might screw up his season for the year, and he might hurt himself a lot more than is really necessary (when one "takes one for the team"). I am quite annoyed by this roster move, I'm not going to lie. I might even bring up my annoyance again whenever Juan Rincon next pitches and gives up 2-5 runs in one inning. He's bound to because he's Juan Rincon.

I have a message for Juan. DRINK MORE VODKA THIS YEAR! You at least were more tolerable last year when you came out to pitch. It wasn't certain doom, like this year. I think the Vodka attributed to his "success". Stop sharing, and start drinking!

Okay, I'm done ranting about him. I was proud to see the boys come from behind last night and take the win. I felt bad for Glen when Delmon Young was being very "Delmon" and made yet another error. I wanted him to do good, I really did, but I think him and Kevin have lived in his house together too long. They both sacrificed homeruns to the two same players in back-to-back nights. Coincidence?

I've figured out that Delmon Young has a hard time fielding well and hitting well all in the same game. I've found that he either hits well OR he fields well. Well last night he made ONE great catch. That screwed up his at bats. He was 0 for 3 last night. Watch for this...he makes a great catch (possibly even multiple great catches), his bat will stay silent. The night he got the three triples, he made HORRIBLE fielding "catches" and cost us some runs.

Scott Baker is back today; this makes me happy. I like him. I plan to use my ghetto radio (walkman type, with an antenae on it) at work to listen to the noon game. I'm hoping for another win today, so that we take this series and leave on a high note for Chicago. We need a high going into Chicago. If anything significant happens, I'll write again.


Katie said...

Gardy made a cryptic comment about the whole 13 pitchers thing not being too serious because things happen, or someone might get traded.

I will pray every night that it is Juan and not someone cute and/or good at baseball.

Mrs. Slowey said...

I know! I don't want Juan anymore...him and I just never have become friends. But then again, I don't want to be friends with him!!