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Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Are Fighting...

Livan Hernandez and I are officially fighting. It was bad enough to have to endure the pain of seeing the cut-off jerseys, but then, Livan lived up to all the woes from the fair weathered fans that surrounded me and sucked...big time. It was such a disappointment and such a boring game, that is until we made our own fun and pissed people off in front of us, because we were cheering for the Twins and Boof. Ah, gotta love people who don't like the fans that cheer. It was amusing.
It was fun booing Nick Swisher and AJ, but my ill-will toward Swish and Katie's good-will toward him must have cancelled out. I am willing to harbor good-will toward Swish if it'll make him do poorly tonight. He did at least manage to make himself look like a jackass once again when he ran full speed into the wall in right field. I could hear the thud from center field, so it had to hurt him. That makes me happy. I think he's just trying to stay on the webgems on Sports Center, which by the way, his dumb ass move did make it onto SC.
I was blinded when AJ reached third base and decided to take off his hat. At first my A.D.D. got a hold of me, but then when I realized what I was doing, I found out I could no longer see. AJ caused me temporary blindness, it was bad.

MY LINE-UP ADVICE FOR GARDY (Please change this for tonight's game):
1. Carlos "Go-Go" Gomez
2. Denard Span
3. Joe Mauer
4. Justin Morneau
5. Jason Kubel
6. Delmon Young
7. Mike Lamb (yes, I like Brian Buscher, but I think Mike Lamb deserves a shot every now and then.)
8. Brendan Harris
9. Nicky Punto
Pitching: Scott "Timmy" Baker.

I don't think it's fair to have Go-Gomez batting in the 9th spot any more. He seemed to be one of the few guys last night that grabed the reins and got a hit. Nicky was 0-3 last night with a walk. I wasn't too excited over his performance. I just don't think he's up to being the #2 hitter yet. He's getting better (especially since last year) but not up to par yet. He needs more time.

A useless random fact about the game...last night's attendance: 42,705. Actual fans: 10,000 (maybe), fair-weather fans who left in the 4-7th innings: 32,705.

Get aboard!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boys, stop drinking the DL water!

Why is it that whenever we find someone who is awesome at a position, we lose them to the DL? I'm not saying Adam Everett was awesome at short, but people like Cuddy, Matt Tolbert, and now Alexi Casilla...with what else? A finger injury. Word of advise for the healty ones, don't take advice from those who have already hurt fingers as to how to slide into a base, make a diving catch, etc. They don't know what they are talking about!
I'm honestly sad that Casilla is on the DL. I think he's given our team a lot of good defense, and quite a bit of offense as well! He definitely is a changed man from the boy he was last year when he got the call up. I'm definitely impressed by the outstanding show he's put on this year.

I'm not going to lie, last night, I turned off the game when we were losing 4-0. The top of the inning where the Twins followed up with 5 runs at the bottom of the same inning. I was a little annoyed that they waited until after I stopped listening (because usually they win MORE when I'm listening), but I'll take the win, no matter how they got it.

It looks like the derby hasn't been affecting Mr. Morneau's swing this year, post-derby like it was last year. He's still hitting homeruns, still racking up those RBI totals! Good job, Justin. I'm proud of you! Just keep it up! I don't want to have to be fighting with you. It's not fun for me, and I know it wouldn't be fun for you either.

TONIGHT: I'm going to be in attendance at the game, seeing Livan Hernandez, yet again, most likely in the cut off jerseys. A old man I work with once told me that his favorite jersey was the "vest-type jersey". I about died. I couldn't express to this nice old man how much I despised those jersey and wished they would burn them...it would have just been too mean. Now if one of my friends told me they liked those, I would just tell them that they are an idiot. :) (nothing mean about telling your friends the truth. That's just called being honest.)

Okay time for a few pictures from the game last night. Enjoy and hopefully I'll be able to provide some pictures tomorrow from my game night tonight!

LIVAN: I expect to see a W next to your name tonight (post game), and hear you announced as the winning pitcher. If I have to bear the pain of the cut-off jerseys, then I NEED a win. No exceptions. Besides, wouldn't it be nice to be in first place? Yes, I did have to point out the obvious.

Little Nicky Punto plays leap frog with a White Soc? (Would that be what we'd call one White Sox player?) The White Soc apparently didn't realize that Nicky should be facing downward before he leaps over him. Silly White Soc.

Joe Nathan's "routine" fist pump after finishing yet another save. I love how much of a routine man he is. It humors me.

Mr. Mauer needs to look at least a little excited that they managed to score some runs. He still looks like a dirty pirate hooker. Silly Joe.

Here's my top 5 things I'm thankful for today:

1. Twins beating the White Sox
2. Justin Morneau kicking ass
3. Little Nicky Punto not sucking this year
4. Navy Jerseys
5. Kevin Slowey (yes, I know he didn't pitch last night, but I love him!)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is There Something In The Water With The White Sox?

Seriously, wtf?...did AJ borrow Nick Swisher's dye? Or is he just trying to make the last of his Twins fan following (Those Girls) dislike him too so that everyone in MN hates him and wants to boo him?
On a much more serious and awesome note: Kevin Slowey did AMAZING last night. I was highly disappointed that this was one of the two games that Kevin has pitched and I have missed. I missed it in it's entirety, but did get to see numerous replays on ESPN. He was one of the top stories, which just about made me want to pee my pants in excitement. (Okay, maybe not that excited, but close enough.) Watching the replays and seeing Kevin come at Jermaine Dye, AJ, and others with pretty much the same pitch every time was to die for. I love being able to mock those idiots that though the Twins front office should promote Liriano and push Kevin back in the rotation, moving one of the others to the bullpen. RIDICULOUS! Hey, everyone has bad outings every once in a while. I mean look at JoJo! (Johan Santana) He didn't start off as the ace we've known him to be, but he's gotten back into better form to give the Mets a good run for a playoff spot (as of right now)...but there are times where he still loses games. NO ONE IS PERFECT. Kevin is damn close, however.
I've decided that the Twins don't like winning in the Navy when they are on the road, unless Glen Perkins is pitching. I'm pretty sure he's the only one who has won in the navy while on the road. Maybe home is the key to this equation. (HOWEVER: LIVAN, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR IT EVER!) I'm hoping for another win tonight, tomorrow (which I will be at, and OF COURSE see Livan), and then Thursday! We need to sweep sweep sweep those White Sox under the rug and kick some major ass! The ground we could gain on them would be amazing and really help us down the line.

Sisterhood of the travelling pants, anyone?

Joe, you are a dirty pirate hooker.

I'm debating going to the game on Saturday against the Indians (again). I like going to those games because of Shin-Soo Choo. It's fun to make Choo-Choo noises when his name gets announced. I fully entertain myself while doing this. Plus, others around you will look at you when you make the Choo-Choo noises, and laugh! It's entertainment at it's finest!! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here's The One Where I Compare...

Okay, I hate a huge dislike for Deter Jeter and everything Yankee related. Especially after we got brutally swept by such a disgusting team. One day when trying to avoid vomitting after seeing Derek Jeter on my screen, I noticed his eyes looked very familiar to me. I couldn't place it at first...a while later (and a few painful games more) it finally came to me. Derek Jeter looks like Lance Bass [from *NSYNC]. I decided to fight the pain of having to look more at Derek Jeter to make a comparision for everyone to see. Here it is:

I'm now waiting for when People magazine will have "I'm Gay" as the main headline, but Derek Jeter as the picture this time instead of Lance.

If anyone can't tell I'm not happy about another loss to the dreaded Bronx Bombers, but I am happy to be leaving The House That Ruth Built and never having to see it again.

The defensive plays that were made today were mediocre at best. We made some mistakes again that proved to be costly to our winning status yet again. Casilla failing to turn a double play, Young failing to field a ball without making an error. Ahh, gotta love having the young pups on the team. You know your team is young when you can see it in their ability to play the game like professionals. Today, we looked like a little league team that was just intimidated by the big bad Yankees. We were wetting our pants in fear and running scared.


Tomorrow is a day off. Boys, take some naps, get well rested. Cleveland and Grady Sizemore are waiting for us to come there and defeat them. Who knows, maybe you all will get lucky and have Juan Rincon pitch to you [at some point in the series]...you all know that he likes to give up a lot of runs.

I'll be MIA for a few days. A move is in process and the rest of the week and the weekend will be spent packing, moving, and then unpacking. I look forward to reporting back with WINS after the weekend. Lord knows we need some wins when we are going to be going into a home series against Chicago.

Third Time's A Charm?

I hope for Glen Perkins, and the Twins' sake, that my day goes better today, so that they have a chance to win. I blame myself for last nights horrific loss. I knew they would get ripped apart last night, but I hoped for a brighter outcome than the one that came.

I really wanted them to win, it would have made my really crappy day, somewhat better. How can one's day not get better when you have the combination of Kevin Slowey, Navy jerseys, and a Twins win?! That's the perfect combination to make an awful day better. But the universe was against me yesterday and was trying to do anything it possibly could to make my day suck. I'm so sorry, boys, I completely am at fault for this loss. (which is the only time I am going to take blame for a loss.)

I have a feeling that those wonderful Navy jerseys are going to be donned again today, which would make it three days in a row. I love the navy, and what I'm about to say may sound like I really don't, but here it goes: Glen, maybe you want to change things up a bit and try a different jersey for today. The navy doesn't seem to have the same affect on the Yankees as it does on other teams. You could ask Livan if you could borrow his (horrible) fashion sense and wear the cut-off jerseys. You guys seem to win for Livan in those, so who knows, maybe a win is in them for you too. You can go back to the navy after today, I promise! It is after all the last time you boys will see Yankee Stadium.

Those Girls have a great idea: Katie has offered to use her wonderful Twins hardhat to help tear down Yankee Stadium immediately. I'm all for using the [plastic] hardhats that we have at my work to help the demolition as well. Not sure if it will protect me, but that's a price I'm willing to pay for the boys*. [*to make up for their loss yesterday...it seems only fair]

I did like Little Nicky Punto's jumping throw to first base for the impressive double play the Twins managed to muster up.

Who ever said white men can't jump. They must not have known Nicky. Nicky, it was good to have you back in the lineup after another extended stint without you.

Crap trade rumor (idea) of the day [courtesy of my dumb ass brother]: Livan, Boof, and Cuddyer getting traded. That's what he thinks will happen. My rebuttle [to my mother, she by the way was the one to tell me of his dumb ass thoughts] was: Cuddyer just signed a contract in the offseason. But then my thoughts drifted back to Jason Bartlett [R.I.P. in Tampa]. I never thought he would be "trade bait" but I was wrong. I was very wrong, unfortunately. It's hard to pick a Twins favorite, because you never know when they might be the next on the Twins' chopping block. Guess we all oughta stick with Joe Mauer. He seems like the Kirby Puckett of this day and age.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Funny Old Lady Dancing...

This is the hillarity from my music festival I was at.

Two Hit Wonder...Wonder How They Won?

Two hits. That's all I've got to say. It's depressing to think that the boys couldn't muster up enough runs to over take the 1 run that Texas managed to score off of their two hits the entire time Scott Baker was in. Three total hits, if you count the one that Joe Nathan gave up in the 9th inning. We had just as many hits as they did, but did we get any that were run producing? NOPE. We left Timmy high and dry the entire game.

My mother tried to tell me that they scored all their runs on Saturday night when they slaughtered Texas and scored 14 runs. I told her she was wrong, that they would still be able to give Timmy enough runs for him to get a win, Timmy is a great pitcher. He's going to kick some ass. Sadly, I was wrong.

Hear that, Mom.


Thanks, boys, for helping my mom with getting me to admit when I'm wrong. I'll take the blame for the loss.

So I've decided that we should be able to have bad games/losses "Eternal Sunshined"* out of our minds. (*For those of you who don't know what this is in reference to; there is a movie called "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". They erase people's memories. Rent it and stop living under a rock.)

We shouldn't have to bare the pain of losses alone. We should be able to live in denial instead. It's much more fun!

TONIGHT: Nick Blackburn, I won't take anything other than a win from you. Go with your game face on and kick some Yankee ass! Show Sidney Ponson why Minnesota kicked him to the curb and let his sorry ass go. Same goes for the batters. Batters, your mission tonight (should you choose to accept): Take Sidney Ponson DOWN!

Pretty pictures of the day: CJ Wilson gets today. Sorry, boys. I still love you, but CJ is pretty, and the Rangers did beat you yesterday.
See...he's pretty.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Navy Doesn't Fail!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I'm out of town right now, but I did manage to watch tonight's game while instead I was supposed to be entertained by a music festival. What a great win for Glen and the Twins! Good job Glen! Way to make the Navy jerseys proud.
I tried willing the tv to show me Kevin Slowey, but it never wanted to show me him. It was slightly depressing...but the win helped me get over it!
Tonight a older gentleman asked a guy next to me how the Twins did yesterday, to which I responded and said they didn't play. He didn't believe me. I am fighting with that man...and if I ever see him again, I'll tell him. I know my Twins schedule! Same with the rotation!
I tried willing the Twins to do just well enough so that I could see Joe Nathan to boot in the Navy, but I guess a win and Navy jerseys were all they could muster up for me.
Props to Delmon Young for having a 4-4 night, Casilla kicked some major ass too and a couple of the boys got clutch hits when we needed them. They had way more hits than runs to show for it, but that's okay, we still had plenty to win and shut out Texas in game 1.

Well...it may be a couple more days before I blog again cause I am out of town until mid-Sunday, but I'll try to get on before then.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crown Him Champion

Justin Morneau went from sucking last year at the HR Derby, to pulling the title out from under Josh Hamilton who managed to shatter 28 homeruns out of the park in the first round alone. Thankfully, for Justin, the homerun tallys reset after the first two rounds and then the final two players go up against each other with clean slates.
Justin was so cute and so humble after winning. He didn't think he deserved to win, and I'm sure many many Yankees fans didn't think so either, but he did manage to walk away a winner this year.
Justin, here's hoping your swing at the HR Derby won't make you suck at hitting homeruns the rest of the actual season this year! CHEERS!

I am now however, a fan of Josh Hamilton. He has an amazing story that he's shared and it's inspiring and also amazing to see a baseball player love the Lord and give all the thanks and glory to him, rather than inflating his own ego and thinking he's on top of the world. Click the link for the cool post Derby interview with him. Josh Hamilton post HR Derby cool interview
I did find it funny though that the 71 year old man that pitched to Josh Hamilton had to throw so many pitches. I'm sure he's going to be sore today!

The first half is now officially over, and I'm happy where the Twins are sitting right now. We are only a game and a half out of first place, which is no where near where anyone thought the team would be at this point, or any point for that matter. The boys have been doing great lately (minus those mind-numbing days spent in Boston...I'm blaming a couple of guys I know for those horrific loses. They were in Boston for those games. Bad Larson boys!). They seem to be able to manage without Cuddy, which I'd prefer he'd be back (I blame his DL stints on my ex-roommate who is a Cuddy stalker. He's trying to make her leave him alone and the DL is the only way he thinks is possible.) (NOTE TO CUDDY...RESTRAINING ORDERS WORK TOO!)

Okay...enough with the All-Star break! Bring me back my Twins so I can be content with the baseball world again.

1. Justin Morneau winning the HR Derby and not making an ass out of himself two years in a row.
2. Baseball
3. Baseball season being so long
4. MN Twins
5. Kevin Slowey

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't Join the Bandwagon

WARNING: I am going to contradict what I previously said.

Livan Hernandez should never wear the navy jerseys. He made them look horribly bad, and the bullpen didn't redeem them at all either. Now I'm wondering if Kevin and Glen are going to think that the Navy jerseys are going to result in ass-kickings (cough)18-5(cough). I secretly think that the Twins hear all of my thoughts and listen to the things I tell them to do.
Examples: Joe Mauer. I've told him now, three of the four times he's hit homeruns to hit said homeruns. Kevin Slowey. I thought about how much I would love to see Kevin Slowey in the Navy jerseys and then Glen just happened to tell him he should wear the jersey. Glen Perkins. He convinces Kevin for me to wear the navy, and Glen is a routine Navy wearer.
LIVAN, PLEASE DON'T WEAR THE NAVY. YOU ARE GOING TO SPOIL ALL THE FUN OF THE NAVY. Plus, you don't look nearly as amazing as everyone else in the Navy. Juan Rincon might have been the only one who would have looked worse (in anything really).

I am a die-hard fan and it takes A LOT for me to turn off a game, even during really bad games, I've stuck through the entire thing, only to watch them lose, but yesterday, I had to stop watching (well the gameday anyway)...it was just too gruesome. All I could do was muster up enough courage to check the final box score, and I cringed when I saw how awful it was. I never want a repeat performance of anything that resembles that. EVER.

I did find it funny yesterday on ESPN's gameday, when Craig Breslow came in to pitch for us, it still showed a picture of Craig with Boston garb on, not in Twins gear. It was midly amusing. That and Justin and Kubel duking it out for most homeruns for the Twins were the highlights of the game. Nothing else really even registers in my mind anymore about that game.

Did the Twins play yesterday? I've already forgotten. Hmm.

Today: Kevin Slowey takes the mound in Detroit. I look forward to being a nervous wreck as I listen to Kevin pitch (on the radio). Radio always seems to make me more nervous with him, or rather nervous for him. I'm not sure why. I will contemplate this and get back to you.

Now for my proof of (only) Joe Nathan looking the best in the Navy. Take your pick.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Manny Makes Me Want to Puke

There are many reasons why I don't like playing Boston Red Sox. Here are my top two reasons: 1. Because pretty much everyone who likes "baseball" (i use that real loosely), likes Boston (aka...bandwagoners); 2. Manny Rameriez. The 'Trib summed up my dislike for Manny in this morning's paper. (see picture) Cocky, arrogant, ass, thinks he's a god, and thinks he's the best thing to happen to baseball since Babe Ruth. I'm not terribly dissapointed in the boys last night for the loss. It's hardly a loss considering the games score was 1-0 in the end. 1 run isn't anything to boast about, just means you got lucky and got a guy across home plate ONLY once. Plus, Timmy didn't get the loss in the game, he pitched just as well as Dice-K, Brian Bass had the boo boo.
Timmy...word of advice. Try the Navy jerseys. They make them in road versions too, just ask Glen. I promise you'll look better. You may not pitch better, but you'll look better and that's all that matters.

The boys looking so sad...

Timmy looking like he seriously is going to cry.

Tomorrow: Comparison pictures of Navy jerseys vs. any other ones...

Monday, July 7, 2008

TC Is A Tease!

Right now the Twins are on a 5 game winning streak...of those 5 games, 3 of them have been in the Navy. Yesterday I had to frequently remind Glen that we don't lose in the Navy. It's sacreligious or something!
Saturday night was amazing. All my Twins dreams came true: Kevin Slowey pitching, Navy jerseys worn, Brendan Harris "nesheking" his socks, Joe Nathan picking up another save, Twins winning. It was a great night. Plus, throughout the night I had the bullpen looking over at my date and I and every time they did, we waved. It was a fun game we played with them all night!
TC teased me at first though before the game started...usually when TC comes out, you know what jersey you are about to see. On Saturday night, after recieving my Twins Territory Flag, I saw TC wearing the CUT OFF JERSEY! I about died. There is no way I EVER want to see Kevin Slowey wear that hideous thing. It is just gross and they don't look good in it. Thankfully, during the "pregame" festivities, I saw Casilla and Go-Gomez wearing NAVY!

I find watching Go-Gomez warm up really amusing. Saturday he was making funny faces and being just goofy. It was humorous. I caught some of the action. I secretly think that Casilla and Go-Gomez have a relationship together...they always have their hip/butt bump thing they do before and after the game, and also their game of patty cake that is oddly funny and weird at the same time. I've also realized why I like being at games during batting practice. The pitchers in the outfield playing...and high kicking.

Apparently the boys however don't want to listen to me and shave like I've requested. Nick Blackburn took me seriously, but shaved the wrong part...he buzzed his head. It looks bad. I'm not going to lie...I want his hair back on his head, and facial hair (minus the sideburns) gone!

Okay now...time for some pictures from Saturday nights game...enjoy! (Captions are once again below)
Joe Nathan is beautiful.
Kevin Slowey warming up before the game...
Getting busted by the bullpen...why do they always look terribly bored?!
Matty warming up!
Magical tricks with his hat...and getting busted yet again! :)
Go-Gomez having a party before the game...
Him and Casilla were goofy, but entertaining to me.
Knee kicks! And one...
Kevin warming up...and looking beautiful
My cool shot of Kevin throwing the ball..
I die everytime he comes near me...
Timmy fielding balls
Glen being "special Glen"...
Yes, this is Nick Blackburn practicing for his audition for the Rockettes.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everything Is Better In BLUE!

So as I watched the news this morning, the sporting news came on and began to show highlights from the Twins game yesterday, which I had already known the score long before they were going to tell me. Blackburn came across the screen and low and behold, so did the Navy jersey he choose as that games' starting jersey. I have a greater love for Mr. Blackburn after conforming to the ways of Kevin and Glen and also choosing to wear the Navy. Everything looks better in the Navy jerseys, and the Twins seem to win most of the games that they play while wearing the Navy jerseys.

I think I'm going to look back on the games that Glen, and Kevin wore the Navy and also won to see what the record is....it might take me a while. Well, we're going to start with Kevin, he's wore it his past two outings...both of which were wins. Nick Blackburn wore it yesterday, which was also a win. Okay, change of plans...for the month of June (while wearing Navy) the Twins are 4-3. Winning record! :) hehe...I know, it's not great stats I guess, but it's hard to blame the Navy for those three losses...I think we'd have to see whether or not the starting pitcher got the loss or if it were caused by bullpen help (cough)Juan Rincon(cough).

Nicky Punto and I may be fighting. He did amazing yesterday in the game with his push slide toss to Alexi Casilla to get the out at second, but I'm mad because I think secretly he's trying to make Brendan Harris look bad and not get to start at shortstop. I love Brendan Harris, and I want him to play...especially on Saturday (when I'm in attendance!) I'm going to hope and pray that Brendan is in the lineup and that my *favorite lineup is in play on Saturday night.

*favorite line up: Go-Gomez, Casilla, Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer (I know, he won't be playing...so instert Denard Span as his replacement here), Kubel, Young, Lamb, Harris with Slowey pitching.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Play Nice, Boys!

So I was watching the pregame last night for the Twins and I could hardly believe it when Jim Leyland admitted that they were "sending a message" to the Twins by trying to hit Joe Mauer twice. They thought Glen had purposely tried to hit their player, so why not retaliate. It sounds like a REAL mature thing to do. Why in the world would we intentionally try to hit someone...in the FACE nonetheless?! That's insane to think that someone would do that. (Other than clearly the Tigers). I can't wait until this series is over. Maybe some tempers (cough)Jim Leyland(cough) will have cooled, and when the Twins go to Detroit, they won't flare up again. Yes, I know it makes for pretty fierce competition, but it's also concerning and very dangerous to play this way.
I realize how much I am sounding like a mother, but sometimes I think these boys need a motherly figure in the dugout with them, so that she can get mad at them when they are being idiots, clean them up after the slide head first into a base, fix the eye black when it smears down their faces, and make sure all pockets are tucked in properly. I am more than willing to fill this job. I just need to know where to send my application. Hell, I'll even help with some of the stretching duties if they need an extra hand. (muah)

The halfway point of the season is coming up fast with the All-Star break coming up in two weeks! It's crazy how fast this first half has went, and sad to think about how little time is remaining in the season for us to enjoy baseball. Hockey is just around the corner! (I'm not even going onto the hockey subject, because I'm so bitter about all the trades, losses that are happening. I'm thinking of how the Wild are going to look brand new like the Twins next year.) Voting to get the M&M boys into the All-Star game ends tonight at midnight. I think they both will go, and I hope Joe Nathan will also be invited to go as well. He deserves it. I'm kind of sad that we don't have the "Pitch in for Pat" voting to do again this year. Those "commercials" (home made) were funny and I enjoyed watching those, and seeing how excited Pat got the deeper the voting got. It was awesome!

Denard Span did good last night in right field. He definitely is no Cuddy, but he's superior to having Kubel play in right. I like Jason Kubel, I just find myself yelling at the TV when he doesn't run nearly fast enough to relay the ball back to the infield that it's annoying. I still don't understand why they don't ever shift Delmon Young (who played right field in Tampa Bay) over to right, and use Kubel in left. I guess I don't think I'll ever understand Gardy's thoughts.

I was thrilled when Timmy (Scott Baker) got the win last night. I felt bad for him (because he looked so disappointed) when he gave up the 2-run homerun, but thankfully our bullpen was able to hold the game together and not blow the 3-run lead that we had (well not entirely). I'm not going to lie, I was nervous (as I usually am for Brian Bass) but he pulled through. I would have liked to have seen Craig Breslow pitch (I don't get nearly enough of him), but another night! Hopefully Saturday when I'm actually at the game! And I'm going to throw out a Hallelujah! for seeing Joe Nathan in the 9th! Way to go Joe!

Today: Nick Blackburn pitches, and wins....Again, I refuse to settle for anything less than a win. GO TWINS!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Win, A Loss, A Win, Another Loss...repetion at it's finest.

Okay, so I've been an inconsistent blogger lately, and I'm sorry. My work is on "summer schedule" so it limits my time to blog. With no internet access at home, I am forced to use the internet at work to express my thoughts, concerns and love for the Twins.

Today: Scott Baker kicks some ass against Nate Robertson. (I am not anticipating anything other than a Win tonight! I refuse to settle for anything less.)

Yesterday: Bad pitches and uncontroable tempers flared and got some ejected and others heated and flustered enough to drop the game late. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit disappointed in Matty Gueirrer. He knows how much I don't like it when he loses games for us, so I'm not sure why last night he decided to do it anyway. Jesse Crain or Boof are supposed to take care of that for us. (Sorry if you like those guys...I just fight with them frequently...I don't think they like me!)

SUNDAY: Kevin Slowey = AMAZING. He pitched his first complete game shutout. I forsee Navy jerseys for Kevin in our future, which excites me since I'll be present his next time around in the rotation. I'm not sure how my date will like Crazy Kevin Slowey Obsessed Twins fan, but that's okay, he's going to have to deal with it! :) Kevin Slowey is amazing, and I love him. People just have to deal with my great love for Slowey. I loved the love that Kevin and Joe expressed after the great win on Sunday. It was very adorable. I want to see it more often! Hehe...
Joe and Kevin after game "snuggle"Kevin in his awesomeness.
Tomorrow: Afternoon game, which I'll be forced to listen to on the radio. I think they purposely put Nick Blackburn on the rotation when I am not able to watch. I'm beginning to think he doesn't like me. That could come from me being terribly disappointed that he was engaged, but yet thinking he was beautiful. Who knows. I don't know that I really want to blame myself, but I've got nothing better to blame. I think Nick will do well. I know I'll be talking to my radio throughout the day and freaking my coworkers out so that they think I'm crazy. Eh, Twins fans ARE crazy!
More live game pictures to come after Saturday's game. Kevin Slowey, and others! Tonight, snuggle up on the couch and grab some popcorn as Timmy (Scott Baker) takes on the Tigers and sends them back to Detriot Rock City!