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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boys, stop drinking the DL water!

Why is it that whenever we find someone who is awesome at a position, we lose them to the DL? I'm not saying Adam Everett was awesome at short, but people like Cuddy, Matt Tolbert, and now Alexi Casilla...with what else? A finger injury. Word of advise for the healty ones, don't take advice from those who have already hurt fingers as to how to slide into a base, make a diving catch, etc. They don't know what they are talking about!
I'm honestly sad that Casilla is on the DL. I think he's given our team a lot of good defense, and quite a bit of offense as well! He definitely is a changed man from the boy he was last year when he got the call up. I'm definitely impressed by the outstanding show he's put on this year.

I'm not going to lie, last night, I turned off the game when we were losing 4-0. The top of the inning where the Twins followed up with 5 runs at the bottom of the same inning. I was a little annoyed that they waited until after I stopped listening (because usually they win MORE when I'm listening), but I'll take the win, no matter how they got it.

It looks like the derby hasn't been affecting Mr. Morneau's swing this year, post-derby like it was last year. He's still hitting homeruns, still racking up those RBI totals! Good job, Justin. I'm proud of you! Just keep it up! I don't want to have to be fighting with you. It's not fun for me, and I know it wouldn't be fun for you either.

TONIGHT: I'm going to be in attendance at the game, seeing Livan Hernandez, yet again, most likely in the cut off jerseys. A old man I work with once told me that his favorite jersey was the "vest-type jersey". I about died. I couldn't express to this nice old man how much I despised those jersey and wished they would burn them...it would have just been too mean. Now if one of my friends told me they liked those, I would just tell them that they are an idiot. :) (nothing mean about telling your friends the truth. That's just called being honest.)

Okay time for a few pictures from the game last night. Enjoy and hopefully I'll be able to provide some pictures tomorrow from my game night tonight!

LIVAN: I expect to see a W next to your name tonight (post game), and hear you announced as the winning pitcher. If I have to bear the pain of the cut-off jerseys, then I NEED a win. No exceptions. Besides, wouldn't it be nice to be in first place? Yes, I did have to point out the obvious.

Little Nicky Punto plays leap frog with a White Soc? (Would that be what we'd call one White Sox player?) The White Soc apparently didn't realize that Nicky should be facing downward before he leaps over him. Silly White Soc.

Joe Nathan's "routine" fist pump after finishing yet another save. I love how much of a routine man he is. It humors me.

Mr. Mauer needs to look at least a little excited that they managed to score some runs. He still looks like a dirty pirate hooker. Silly Joe.

Here's my top 5 things I'm thankful for today:

1. Twins beating the White Sox
2. Justin Morneau kicking ass
3. Little Nicky Punto not sucking this year
4. Navy Jerseys
5. Kevin Slowey (yes, I know he didn't pitch last night, but I love him!)


S.Rail said...

Hoorah for #4 and #5!!

Mrs. Slowey said...

those might be "all-time favorite" list items! :)

Anonymous said...

oh man the cut off are the worst!

Mrs. Slowey said...

very much agreed on the cut offs!
Do you think we could sneak into the lockrooms and burn all the cut off jerseys?