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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crown Him Champion

Justin Morneau went from sucking last year at the HR Derby, to pulling the title out from under Josh Hamilton who managed to shatter 28 homeruns out of the park in the first round alone. Thankfully, for Justin, the homerun tallys reset after the first two rounds and then the final two players go up against each other with clean slates.
Justin was so cute and so humble after winning. He didn't think he deserved to win, and I'm sure many many Yankees fans didn't think so either, but he did manage to walk away a winner this year.
Justin, here's hoping your swing at the HR Derby won't make you suck at hitting homeruns the rest of the actual season this year! CHEERS!

I am now however, a fan of Josh Hamilton. He has an amazing story that he's shared and it's inspiring and also amazing to see a baseball player love the Lord and give all the thanks and glory to him, rather than inflating his own ego and thinking he's on top of the world. Click the link for the cool post Derby interview with him. Josh Hamilton post HR Derby cool interview
I did find it funny though that the 71 year old man that pitched to Josh Hamilton had to throw so many pitches. I'm sure he's going to be sore today!

The first half is now officially over, and I'm happy where the Twins are sitting right now. We are only a game and a half out of first place, which is no where near where anyone thought the team would be at this point, or any point for that matter. The boys have been doing great lately (minus those mind-numbing days spent in Boston...I'm blaming a couple of guys I know for those horrific loses. They were in Boston for those games. Bad Larson boys!). They seem to be able to manage without Cuddy, which I'd prefer he'd be back (I blame his DL stints on my ex-roommate who is a Cuddy stalker. He's trying to make her leave him alone and the DL is the only way he thinks is possible.) (NOTE TO CUDDY...RESTRAINING ORDERS WORK TOO!)

Okay...enough with the All-Star break! Bring me back my Twins so I can be content with the baseball world again.

1. Justin Morneau winning the HR Derby and not making an ass out of himself two years in a row.
2. Baseball
3. Baseball season being so long
4. MN Twins
5. Kevin Slowey


S.Rail said...

Josh Hamiltion is gunna go home and do some fishin' with his texas accent...haha. (P.S. I love number 5 on the top 5 list...but shouldn't he be number 1?) :)

Mrs. Slowey said...

Just saving the best thing for last! :)