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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't Join the Bandwagon

WARNING: I am going to contradict what I previously said.

Livan Hernandez should never wear the navy jerseys. He made them look horribly bad, and the bullpen didn't redeem them at all either. Now I'm wondering if Kevin and Glen are going to think that the Navy jerseys are going to result in ass-kickings (cough)18-5(cough). I secretly think that the Twins hear all of my thoughts and listen to the things I tell them to do.
Examples: Joe Mauer. I've told him now, three of the four times he's hit homeruns to hit said homeruns. Kevin Slowey. I thought about how much I would love to see Kevin Slowey in the Navy jerseys and then Glen just happened to tell him he should wear the jersey. Glen Perkins. He convinces Kevin for me to wear the navy, and Glen is a routine Navy wearer.
LIVAN, PLEASE DON'T WEAR THE NAVY. YOU ARE GOING TO SPOIL ALL THE FUN OF THE NAVY. Plus, you don't look nearly as amazing as everyone else in the Navy. Juan Rincon might have been the only one who would have looked worse (in anything really).

I am a die-hard fan and it takes A LOT for me to turn off a game, even during really bad games, I've stuck through the entire thing, only to watch them lose, but yesterday, I had to stop watching (well the gameday anyway)...it was just too gruesome. All I could do was muster up enough courage to check the final box score, and I cringed when I saw how awful it was. I never want a repeat performance of anything that resembles that. EVER.

I did find it funny yesterday on ESPN's gameday, when Craig Breslow came in to pitch for us, it still showed a picture of Craig with Boston garb on, not in Twins gear. It was midly amusing. That and Justin and Kubel duking it out for most homeruns for the Twins were the highlights of the game. Nothing else really even registers in my mind anymore about that game.

Did the Twins play yesterday? I've already forgotten. Hmm.

Today: Kevin Slowey takes the mound in Detroit. I look forward to being a nervous wreck as I listen to Kevin pitch (on the radio). Radio always seems to make me more nervous with him, or rather nervous for him. I'm not sure why. I will contemplate this and get back to you.

Now for my proof of (only) Joe Nathan looking the best in the Navy. Take your pick.

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