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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everything Is Better In BLUE!

So as I watched the news this morning, the sporting news came on and began to show highlights from the Twins game yesterday, which I had already known the score long before they were going to tell me. Blackburn came across the screen and low and behold, so did the Navy jersey he choose as that games' starting jersey. I have a greater love for Mr. Blackburn after conforming to the ways of Kevin and Glen and also choosing to wear the Navy. Everything looks better in the Navy jerseys, and the Twins seem to win most of the games that they play while wearing the Navy jerseys.

I think I'm going to look back on the games that Glen, and Kevin wore the Navy and also won to see what the record is....it might take me a while. Well, we're going to start with Kevin, he's wore it his past two outings...both of which were wins. Nick Blackburn wore it yesterday, which was also a win. Okay, change of plans...for the month of June (while wearing Navy) the Twins are 4-3. Winning record! :) hehe...I know, it's not great stats I guess, but it's hard to blame the Navy for those three losses...I think we'd have to see whether or not the starting pitcher got the loss or if it were caused by bullpen help (cough)Juan Rincon(cough).

Nicky Punto and I may be fighting. He did amazing yesterday in the game with his push slide toss to Alexi Casilla to get the out at second, but I'm mad because I think secretly he's trying to make Brendan Harris look bad and not get to start at shortstop. I love Brendan Harris, and I want him to play...especially on Saturday (when I'm in attendance!) I'm going to hope and pray that Brendan is in the lineup and that my *favorite lineup is in play on Saturday night.

*favorite line up: Go-Gomez, Casilla, Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer (I know, he won't be playing...so instert Denard Span as his replacement here), Kubel, Young, Lamb, Harris with Slowey pitching.

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