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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here's The One Where I Compare...

Okay, I hate a huge dislike for Deter Jeter and everything Yankee related. Especially after we got brutally swept by such a disgusting team. One day when trying to avoid vomitting after seeing Derek Jeter on my screen, I noticed his eyes looked very familiar to me. I couldn't place it at first...a while later (and a few painful games more) it finally came to me. Derek Jeter looks like Lance Bass [from *NSYNC]. I decided to fight the pain of having to look more at Derek Jeter to make a comparision for everyone to see. Here it is:

I'm now waiting for when People magazine will have "I'm Gay" as the main headline, but Derek Jeter as the picture this time instead of Lance.

If anyone can't tell I'm not happy about another loss to the dreaded Bronx Bombers, but I am happy to be leaving The House That Ruth Built and never having to see it again.

The defensive plays that were made today were mediocre at best. We made some mistakes again that proved to be costly to our winning status yet again. Casilla failing to turn a double play, Young failing to field a ball without making an error. Ahh, gotta love having the young pups on the team. You know your team is young when you can see it in their ability to play the game like professionals. Today, we looked like a little league team that was just intimidated by the big bad Yankees. We were wetting our pants in fear and running scared.


Tomorrow is a day off. Boys, take some naps, get well rested. Cleveland and Grady Sizemore are waiting for us to come there and defeat them. Who knows, maybe you all will get lucky and have Juan Rincon pitch to you [at some point in the series]...you all know that he likes to give up a lot of runs.

I'll be MIA for a few days. A move is in process and the rest of the week and the weekend will be spent packing, moving, and then unpacking. I look forward to reporting back with WINS after the weekend. Lord knows we need some wins when we are going to be going into a home series against Chicago.

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