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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is There Something In The Water With The White Sox?

Seriously, wtf?...did AJ borrow Nick Swisher's dye? Or is he just trying to make the last of his Twins fan following (Those Girls) dislike him too so that everyone in MN hates him and wants to boo him?
On a much more serious and awesome note: Kevin Slowey did AMAZING last night. I was highly disappointed that this was one of the two games that Kevin has pitched and I have missed. I missed it in it's entirety, but did get to see numerous replays on ESPN. He was one of the top stories, which just about made me want to pee my pants in excitement. (Okay, maybe not that excited, but close enough.) Watching the replays and seeing Kevin come at Jermaine Dye, AJ, and others with pretty much the same pitch every time was to die for. I love being able to mock those idiots that though the Twins front office should promote Liriano and push Kevin back in the rotation, moving one of the others to the bullpen. RIDICULOUS! Hey, everyone has bad outings every once in a while. I mean look at JoJo! (Johan Santana) He didn't start off as the ace we've known him to be, but he's gotten back into better form to give the Mets a good run for a playoff spot (as of right now)...but there are times where he still loses games. NO ONE IS PERFECT. Kevin is damn close, however.
I've decided that the Twins don't like winning in the Navy when they are on the road, unless Glen Perkins is pitching. I'm pretty sure he's the only one who has won in the navy while on the road. Maybe home is the key to this equation. (HOWEVER: LIVAN, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR IT EVER!) I'm hoping for another win tonight, tomorrow (which I will be at, and OF COURSE see Livan), and then Thursday! We need to sweep sweep sweep those White Sox under the rug and kick some major ass! The ground we could gain on them would be amazing and really help us down the line.

Sisterhood of the travelling pants, anyone?

Joe, you are a dirty pirate hooker.

I'm debating going to the game on Saturday against the Indians (again). I like going to those games because of Shin-Soo Choo. It's fun to make Choo-Choo noises when his name gets announced. I fully entertain myself while doing this. Plus, others around you will look at you when you make the Choo-Choo noises, and laugh! It's entertainment at it's finest!! :)


Adam L said...


Anyways, Slowey pitched an absolutely awesome game. I'm from Minneapolis originally but for now I live in New York... I saw the first game against the Rangers after break at the dome where Perkins pitched (visiting family) but I have yet to see Slowey pitch in person. I love his pitching style and I think he really has the stuff to be an ace or #2 type starter. The way that he'll throw that cut fastball so it looks like it's right down the pipe and then ends up right on the fists of a right-hander was particularly on display last night. He snapped a lot of bats and must have stung a lot of hands.

Nice blog, btw!

Mrs. Slowey said...

Slowey is definitely amazing to watch in person! Besides the fact that I'm in love with him, I do actually think he's a great pitcher and has a crap load of potential as he matures as a player!
He'd definitely be worth a trip to see pitch! :)

Thanks for reading my blog! :)