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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Play Nice, Boys!

So I was watching the pregame last night for the Twins and I could hardly believe it when Jim Leyland admitted that they were "sending a message" to the Twins by trying to hit Joe Mauer twice. They thought Glen had purposely tried to hit their player, so why not retaliate. It sounds like a REAL mature thing to do. Why in the world would we intentionally try to hit someone...in the FACE nonetheless?! That's insane to think that someone would do that. (Other than clearly the Tigers). I can't wait until this series is over. Maybe some tempers (cough)Jim Leyland(cough) will have cooled, and when the Twins go to Detroit, they won't flare up again. Yes, I know it makes for pretty fierce competition, but it's also concerning and very dangerous to play this way.
I realize how much I am sounding like a mother, but sometimes I think these boys need a motherly figure in the dugout with them, so that she can get mad at them when they are being idiots, clean them up after the slide head first into a base, fix the eye black when it smears down their faces, and make sure all pockets are tucked in properly. I am more than willing to fill this job. I just need to know where to send my application. Hell, I'll even help with some of the stretching duties if they need an extra hand. (muah)

The halfway point of the season is coming up fast with the All-Star break coming up in two weeks! It's crazy how fast this first half has went, and sad to think about how little time is remaining in the season for us to enjoy baseball. Hockey is just around the corner! (I'm not even going onto the hockey subject, because I'm so bitter about all the trades, losses that are happening. I'm thinking of how the Wild are going to look brand new like the Twins next year.) Voting to get the M&M boys into the All-Star game ends tonight at midnight. I think they both will go, and I hope Joe Nathan will also be invited to go as well. He deserves it. I'm kind of sad that we don't have the "Pitch in for Pat" voting to do again this year. Those "commercials" (home made) were funny and I enjoyed watching those, and seeing how excited Pat got the deeper the voting got. It was awesome!

Denard Span did good last night in right field. He definitely is no Cuddy, but he's superior to having Kubel play in right. I like Jason Kubel, I just find myself yelling at the TV when he doesn't run nearly fast enough to relay the ball back to the infield that it's annoying. I still don't understand why they don't ever shift Delmon Young (who played right field in Tampa Bay) over to right, and use Kubel in left. I guess I don't think I'll ever understand Gardy's thoughts.

I was thrilled when Timmy (Scott Baker) got the win last night. I felt bad for him (because he looked so disappointed) when he gave up the 2-run homerun, but thankfully our bullpen was able to hold the game together and not blow the 3-run lead that we had (well not entirely). I'm not going to lie, I was nervous (as I usually am for Brian Bass) but he pulled through. I would have liked to have seen Craig Breslow pitch (I don't get nearly enough of him), but another night! Hopefully Saturday when I'm actually at the game! And I'm going to throw out a Hallelujah! for seeing Joe Nathan in the 9th! Way to go Joe!

Today: Nick Blackburn pitches, and wins....Again, I refuse to settle for anything less than a win. GO TWINS!

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