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Monday, July 7, 2008

TC Is A Tease!

Right now the Twins are on a 5 game winning streak...of those 5 games, 3 of them have been in the Navy. Yesterday I had to frequently remind Glen that we don't lose in the Navy. It's sacreligious or something!
Saturday night was amazing. All my Twins dreams came true: Kevin Slowey pitching, Navy jerseys worn, Brendan Harris "nesheking" his socks, Joe Nathan picking up another save, Twins winning. It was a great night. Plus, throughout the night I had the bullpen looking over at my date and I and every time they did, we waved. It was a fun game we played with them all night!
TC teased me at first though before the game started...usually when TC comes out, you know what jersey you are about to see. On Saturday night, after recieving my Twins Territory Flag, I saw TC wearing the CUT OFF JERSEY! I about died. There is no way I EVER want to see Kevin Slowey wear that hideous thing. It is just gross and they don't look good in it. Thankfully, during the "pregame" festivities, I saw Casilla and Go-Gomez wearing NAVY!

I find watching Go-Gomez warm up really amusing. Saturday he was making funny faces and being just goofy. It was humorous. I caught some of the action. I secretly think that Casilla and Go-Gomez have a relationship together...they always have their hip/butt bump thing they do before and after the game, and also their game of patty cake that is oddly funny and weird at the same time. I've also realized why I like being at games during batting practice. The pitchers in the outfield playing...and high kicking.

Apparently the boys however don't want to listen to me and shave like I've requested. Nick Blackburn took me seriously, but shaved the wrong part...he buzzed his head. It looks bad. I'm not going to lie...I want his hair back on his head, and facial hair (minus the sideburns) gone!

Okay now...time for some pictures from Saturday nights game...enjoy! (Captions are once again below)
Joe Nathan is beautiful.
Kevin Slowey warming up before the game...
Getting busted by the bullpen...why do they always look terribly bored?!
Matty warming up!
Magical tricks with his hat...and getting busted yet again! :)
Go-Gomez having a party before the game...
Him and Casilla were goofy, but entertaining to me.
Knee kicks! And one...
Kevin warming up...and looking beautiful
My cool shot of Kevin throwing the ball..
I die everytime he comes near me...
Timmy fielding balls
Glen being "special Glen"...
Yes, this is Nick Blackburn practicing for his audition for the Rockettes.


S.Rail said...

Ugh...they are all so pretty in that Navy Blue Uniform. If only they could wear it everyday. Nice picture of Slowerz throwing the ball...in his navy jersey and NAVY hat. ;)

Mrs. Slowey said...

should we start a petition for them to wear the navy every day? i think it'd be fruitful. more wins, definitely! :)

S.Rail said...

I'd Sign it For Sure! 1.) For More wins 2.)Because they are adorable :)

Mrs. Slowey said...

agreed! :)
do you think they will need us to provide "visual" proof that they look better in the navy too? or will our word be enough?

S.Rail said...

Hmm...not sure. But I think I'd be more fun to show the visual proof. :) :)

Elizabeth said...

I really love visuals!