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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Third Time's A Charm?

I hope for Glen Perkins, and the Twins' sake, that my day goes better today, so that they have a chance to win. I blame myself for last nights horrific loss. I knew they would get ripped apart last night, but I hoped for a brighter outcome than the one that came.

I really wanted them to win, it would have made my really crappy day, somewhat better. How can one's day not get better when you have the combination of Kevin Slowey, Navy jerseys, and a Twins win?! That's the perfect combination to make an awful day better. But the universe was against me yesterday and was trying to do anything it possibly could to make my day suck. I'm so sorry, boys, I completely am at fault for this loss. (which is the only time I am going to take blame for a loss.)

I have a feeling that those wonderful Navy jerseys are going to be donned again today, which would make it three days in a row. I love the navy, and what I'm about to say may sound like I really don't, but here it goes: Glen, maybe you want to change things up a bit and try a different jersey for today. The navy doesn't seem to have the same affect on the Yankees as it does on other teams. You could ask Livan if you could borrow his (horrible) fashion sense and wear the cut-off jerseys. You guys seem to win for Livan in those, so who knows, maybe a win is in them for you too. You can go back to the navy after today, I promise! It is after all the last time you boys will see Yankee Stadium.

Those Girls have a great idea: Katie has offered to use her wonderful Twins hardhat to help tear down Yankee Stadium immediately. I'm all for using the [plastic] hardhats that we have at my work to help the demolition as well. Not sure if it will protect me, but that's a price I'm willing to pay for the boys*. [*to make up for their loss yesterday...it seems only fair]

I did like Little Nicky Punto's jumping throw to first base for the impressive double play the Twins managed to muster up.

Who ever said white men can't jump. They must not have known Nicky. Nicky, it was good to have you back in the lineup after another extended stint without you.

Crap trade rumor (idea) of the day [courtesy of my dumb ass brother]: Livan, Boof, and Cuddyer getting traded. That's what he thinks will happen. My rebuttle [to my mother, she by the way was the one to tell me of his dumb ass thoughts] was: Cuddyer just signed a contract in the offseason. But then my thoughts drifted back to Jason Bartlett [R.I.P. in Tampa]. I never thought he would be "trade bait" but I was wrong. I was very wrong, unfortunately. It's hard to pick a Twins favorite, because you never know when they might be the next on the Twins' chopping block. Guess we all oughta stick with Joe Mauer. He seems like the Kirby Puckett of this day and age.


S.Rail said...

"Third Times a charm"
I sure do hope so..

(P.S. Slowey pitched amazing yesterday. He lost because our offense is running low on gas)

Mrs. Slowey said...

i hope so too!
I know Kevin pitched well...i still blame myself on him getting credited with a loss. the offense wasn't up to my challenge from a couple nights ago again! :(