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Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Are Fighting...

Livan Hernandez and I are officially fighting. It was bad enough to have to endure the pain of seeing the cut-off jerseys, but then, Livan lived up to all the woes from the fair weathered fans that surrounded me and sucked...big time. It was such a disappointment and such a boring game, that is until we made our own fun and pissed people off in front of us, because we were cheering for the Twins and Boof. Ah, gotta love people who don't like the fans that cheer. It was amusing.
It was fun booing Nick Swisher and AJ, but my ill-will toward Swish and Katie's good-will toward him must have cancelled out. I am willing to harbor good-will toward Swish if it'll make him do poorly tonight. He did at least manage to make himself look like a jackass once again when he ran full speed into the wall in right field. I could hear the thud from center field, so it had to hurt him. That makes me happy. I think he's just trying to stay on the webgems on Sports Center, which by the way, his dumb ass move did make it onto SC.
I was blinded when AJ reached third base and decided to take off his hat. At first my A.D.D. got a hold of me, but then when I realized what I was doing, I found out I could no longer see. AJ caused me temporary blindness, it was bad.

MY LINE-UP ADVICE FOR GARDY (Please change this for tonight's game):
1. Carlos "Go-Go" Gomez
2. Denard Span
3. Joe Mauer
4. Justin Morneau
5. Jason Kubel
6. Delmon Young
7. Mike Lamb (yes, I like Brian Buscher, but I think Mike Lamb deserves a shot every now and then.)
8. Brendan Harris
9. Nicky Punto
Pitching: Scott "Timmy" Baker.

I don't think it's fair to have Go-Gomez batting in the 9th spot any more. He seemed to be one of the few guys last night that grabed the reins and got a hit. Nicky was 0-3 last night with a walk. I wasn't too excited over his performance. I just don't think he's up to being the #2 hitter yet. He's getting better (especially since last year) but not up to par yet. He needs more time.

A useless random fact about the game...last night's attendance: 42,705. Actual fans: 10,000 (maybe), fair-weather fans who left in the 4-7th innings: 32,705.

Get aboard!


k-bro said...

I guess the Twins didn't want you to be mad so they shipped him away. It was nice of them to try to make it up to you.



Katie said...

You might be being generous saying there were 10,000 fans. No one I was sitting near had any idea who anyone except Mauer, Morneau and Gomez were.

It might have just been you, me, and maybe 2 dozen other people.

Oh well...more fun for us.

Mrs. Slowey said...

Haha! K-bro...they must have not liked livan and I fighting and wanted to keep the fans! It's understandable! :)
I'll have more stories about thursday nights game too! More fun times, and a win this time!!
Katie-you definitely are right about me being generous! I figured I'd give a few people the benefit of the doubt...maybe only partial bandwagoners...? :)

S.Rail said...

ok, Livan leaves and we think: "yes! No more weird sleeveless jerseys!"....annnd then Liriano chooses THAT to be his jersey for his "I'm back: Take 2" Debut. Why can't he settle for the NAVY!!!