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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Win, A Loss, A Win, Another Loss...repetion at it's finest.

Okay, so I've been an inconsistent blogger lately, and I'm sorry. My work is on "summer schedule" so it limits my time to blog. With no internet access at home, I am forced to use the internet at work to express my thoughts, concerns and love for the Twins.

Today: Scott Baker kicks some ass against Nate Robertson. (I am not anticipating anything other than a Win tonight! I refuse to settle for anything less.)

Yesterday: Bad pitches and uncontroable tempers flared and got some ejected and others heated and flustered enough to drop the game late. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit disappointed in Matty Gueirrer. He knows how much I don't like it when he loses games for us, so I'm not sure why last night he decided to do it anyway. Jesse Crain or Boof are supposed to take care of that for us. (Sorry if you like those guys...I just fight with them frequently...I don't think they like me!)

SUNDAY: Kevin Slowey = AMAZING. He pitched his first complete game shutout. I forsee Navy jerseys for Kevin in our future, which excites me since I'll be present his next time around in the rotation. I'm not sure how my date will like Crazy Kevin Slowey Obsessed Twins fan, but that's okay, he's going to have to deal with it! :) Kevin Slowey is amazing, and I love him. People just have to deal with my great love for Slowey. I loved the love that Kevin and Joe expressed after the great win on Sunday. It was very adorable. I want to see it more often! Hehe...
Joe and Kevin after game "snuggle"Kevin in his awesomeness.
Tomorrow: Afternoon game, which I'll be forced to listen to on the radio. I think they purposely put Nick Blackburn on the rotation when I am not able to watch. I'm beginning to think he doesn't like me. That could come from me being terribly disappointed that he was engaged, but yet thinking he was beautiful. Who knows. I don't know that I really want to blame myself, but I've got nothing better to blame. I think Nick will do well. I know I'll be talking to my radio throughout the day and freaking my coworkers out so that they think I'm crazy. Eh, Twins fans ARE crazy!
More live game pictures to come after Saturday's game. Kevin Slowey, and others! Tonight, snuggle up on the couch and grab some popcorn as Timmy (Scott Baker) takes on the Tigers and sends them back to Detriot Rock City!

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