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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boy Losing is Depressing!

Okay so I've been on a major blogging low. Partly because of the Twins losing 4 in a row (before today) and also because of Everday Eddie coming back. I like that we got him back, don't get me wrong...but I'm actually sad about who they gave up to get him. I know Mark Hamburger so it's very bittersweet return of Eddie for me!

I'm hoping Perks can pull through for us today and not make us look like the young team that we are, but rather the team that doesn't lose to the lowest teams and doesn't want to be in a penant race. Boys, I'd like to see you win the division this year...especially after everyone thought you'd be where the Royals are right now. Wins!! That is all I am going to accept from now on!

I'll try to get on again tomorrow and write about todays game. I'm hopeful to report a win, but who knows! Pictures will come soon too! I promise. For now I will bid you all farewell and a fond farewell to Mr. Mike Lamb! I will miss you (occasionally).

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