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Friday, August 15, 2008

Chief...we're (not) sorry...

Okay, so I do feel a little bad for Carlos "Chief" Silva...he's got a record of like 4-13. Ouch...it's gotta hurt. He recently ripped up his teammates for sucking, but really no one made any bad plays on Seattle tonight...and the costly 2 runs that we scored were off a homerun by Kubel that Silva gave up. Sorry, Chief, but you can't blame anyone but yourself for that one.

I think we beat Seattle like we should be beating Seattle 9-3. It's only right to kill one of the worst teams in baseball. Everyone but Go-gomez got a hit tonight. Good job boys! I am very proud of you all! Boof and Brian Bass...good job! I am definitely proud of you too! You didn't screw us when we had such an awesome lead! :)

Okay no pictures because this is from my sidekick. I'll try to get on tomorrow with updates when "Timmy" Scott Baker faces against Seattle tomorrow afternoon! Please boys, give Timmy a lot of run support! I know you can do it! I have faith in you. So does Timmy.

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