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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Fond Farewell

I was amazed yesterday when the Twins actually pulled through for a win. It wasn't easy (which it should have been. Again, I stress...it was Seattle that we were playing Oy!) "Everyday Eddie" looked like he caught the Rincon bug, until Denard Span made a Cuddy play and got the runner out at home. Denard, I am very proud of you. I know you are trying to make me, and everyone else, forget about Michael Cuddyer, but I'm sorry I won't! I do miss Cuddy, but I do also like Denard. It can't hurt to have another amazing arm in the outfield.

I have pictures as promised...I figured we needed a tribute to the addition, and the two losses.

We'll start with the positive first...the addition:

Everyday Eddie...well maybe not "everyday" yesterday.
Now...we count our losses.
Mark Hamburger. I will honestly miss you. I've never personally known anyone who got traded, until now. Tell Josh Hamilton hello! Ooh..and CJ! Hmm...maybe my pull with a baseball player can land me CJ now. Pondering that.

Mike Lamb. Most of the time I did like you. Sorry things didn't work out.
I'm happy that Glen has become a great starting pitcher this year. Especially with having to start the year in Rochester (AAA) and having to cling on to your roster spot when other pitchers got healty to play again. Thank you for not sucking and for the win yesterday. We needed the ego boost. I can't stress enough that it was only Seattle that you boys were playing. I'm glad we could at least take ONE game. But please, Brian Buscher, don't look SO excited. When you beat the White Sox again, this kind of excitement is required. But for now...simmer down a little, please. You're just annoying me.

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S.Rail said...

It is so strange how Glen Perkins started out in AAA, yet he has the most wins out of all the Minnesota Pitchers. I am so glad he is a starter now! :)

Oh, I miss Cuddy too, but jeez, where would we be without Span??