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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get The SUCK Out, Matty G!

Yes, Matty, we are as disappointed in the loss as you are. What happened to you? Did you feel like you needed to step into the shoes of Juan Rincon when he left us? I'm here to tell you, no, you do not need to fill the crap shoes. Let Boof or Brian Bass do that. They are capable of screwing things up.

The positive of last night: Giving Mariano Rivera, the closer with the best record this year, his first blown save, when Delmon Young hit an amazing (nearly foul) 3-run homerun to tie the game at 6. I about peed my pants when I was driving in my car. I think if anyone was watching me in the car(s) next to me on I-94, they would have thought I was "special" or worse. I was screaming and super excited. Had to even call to tell my mother she shouldn't have turned the game off because of what happened. I was all positive and thinking we would get a win out of this crap game after all. I was so hopeful, and then A-Rod came up in the 12th against Matty Guerrier. Poor Matty, he never saw that one coming.
Seriously, Gardy, after Matty gave up the go-ahead homerun blast by A-Rod, why didn't we see someone else come into the game? We may have felt we still had a fighting chance if we would have only had to make up 1 run...but 3?!? That's asking a awful lot of the boys. They already pulled that string in the game earlier.

I was a little depressed today when I looked at the Twins' site. The headline of an article read "Everett emerging as Twins shortstop". I'm sorry, I'm not a huge fan of Adam Everett. I liked the idea of Brendan Harris at shortstop. He was finally gaining confidence, and he was playing really well. Just because Adam Everett comes back and realizes that he sucks and no one likes him, so he needs to get hits and make good defensive plays, doesn't mean I want to keep him. I still vote for him to be shipped off somewhere other than MN. Even if Casilla isn't back...maybe the Twins need to recall Bobby Korecky, and give their bullpen a little extra cushion while Casilla is still on the DL. It seems like a smarter option. We still have options of players to use...Lamb, Harris, and Ruiz. Why do we need Everett?!
I will admit that he has been getting some timely RBI's in the past few games, but I don't know if it's enough to win me over. (Well I know it's not enough.) How does Gardy know that Brendan Harris couldn't have pulled off those RBI's? Did he give him a shot? NOPE.

So in other Twins news (non-game related): Brendan Harris, Brian Buscher are guests at Baseball Unplugged with Cuddy tonight. As much as I would love to go see Cuddy (cause I'm missing him so), I don't think I would want the embarrassment that would go along with running into Brendan Harris again...(me nearly spilling beer on him last Baseball Unplugged). I could live with the teasing, honestly I could, but I don't think my face would show so...I have a feeling I would turn bright red, and then have the possibility of repeating my klutz moments all over again. I am going to have to pass on this one. I'll miss the entertainment, plus it would have been nice to met Brian Buscher, but he will just have to wait. Next time, Brian Buscher! Next time.

TODAY: Kevin Slowey faces off against the Bronx bombers at 12:10. I'll try to get some updates on here as the game progresses. Kevin, I WANT A WIN. I WANT YOU BOYS TO WIN THE SERIES AND HAVE A SHOT AT GETTING BACK INTO FIRST!! YOU KNOW YOU LIKE FIRST PLACE!

FYI to everyone: I'm sick of the teeter-tottering that the Twins are doing with first place (in our division). I'm beginning to wonder if they really like winning...


k-bro said...

I'm with you on the Everett/Harris philosophy. I like Harris better at short, too.


Mrs. Slowey said...

Harris is nicer to look at too than Everett with his dumbo ears...

S.Rail said...

...I strongly dislike (aka Hate) Adam Everett...just cuz.

Here's what I like:
2nd: Casilla
SS: Harris
3rd: Buscher

Now THATS a lineup!