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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hail the Conquering Kubel

Oh Jason Kubel. I've never been his biggest fan, I don't really understand his appeal in my cousins eye. (She for some reason think he's cute.) But I will give HUGE props to Kubes for the needed 2-run shot yesterday and then the RBI double that allowed the Twins to tie the game (that I might add, the Twins were killing the Mariners in earlier in the game and I about cried when Seattle got the go-ahead run). I was so happy the boys could finally give Timmy some run support and kick Seattle's ass! :)

I can't wait for tomorrow's sweep of Seattle and the Navy jerseys being on non-cable channels for people like me to enjoy! Glen? You never seem to let me down and I know how much you like winning in the navy too! Go Glen!

Not much else to talk about...would have liked to have seen the double play Nicky Punto turned because it sounded like it was pretty spectacular...but if it was, it'll probably be on the highlight reels too!

All for now.


S.Rail said...

I was at the game of the Kubel homerun and I stood up and screamed: "WHOOO! THATA WAY ICE KUUUBES!" To me, Kubel isn't cute, but he is cute when he does his lil' smerk thing and wink of his eye (he really does wink! Watch when he's up to bat..)

Anonymous said...

Oh man I love that you call him kubes. My whole family calls him kubes and honestly in my mind hes kinda of a joke when he comes up to bat...he always looks lost kinda. But then there are times when he comes through with a big one (haha and still looks lost).

Mrs. Slowey said...

oh i totally know that face you're talking about with Kubes! he does have the confused/lost look on his face a lot! haha...now i'm going to laugh when i see him up to bat. oh my...new entertainment for me! just what i need!