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Thursday, August 21, 2008

It Had to Be Bass

I am a little disappointed that the Twins outrighted Brian Bass to make room for Casilla. I want Casilla back, but I don't really want to lose Brian Bass. WE NEED BULLPEN HELP, and they get rid of a bullpen guy. It's not like he's faired like Matty has lately (don't get me wrong, I love Matty G.) So now, we have to go for 12 days with only 11 guys in the bullpen. I know that they have options on the 40-man roster to call guys up when the rosters expand on September 1st. Here are their options: Julio DePaula, Philip Humber, BOBBY KORECKY, Jose Mijares, and Oswald Sosa. Other than Korecky, who is any good? Who have we had a chance to see in the major league? NO ONE! Wow, great plan Bill Smith. Great plan. (Oh and even if Brian Bass accepts the outrighted assignment to Triple-A, he's not on the 40-man roster.)

So we won again yesterday, which at some points in time in the game, was a bit surprising! Liriano wasn't up to snuff, and seemed a bit shaky. A lot of balls (no pun intended) were thrown, and he couldn't make it past the 5th inning because he had already thrown 100 pitches. Sure, we had the defense (minus the 2 errors), but shouldn't this "star" be able to get people out faster than he was? I know, I know, everyone has their bad days...but everyone kept wanting Liriano back because he's such a superstar. I'm still waiting to see that. He still needs to win me over.


S.Rail said...

Poor Bass. I was so sad to see that they sent him down this morning. I mean, COME ON! Send down Everett! (In case you don't know, I strongly dislike Adam Everett). I don't know why I am gunna miss him so much. And poor Boof, his best friend is leaving him... :(

Mrs. Slowey said...

apparently the ones i want to go, don't seem to get shipped off. (ie. adam everett, boof, etc)...but they do send away the ones i've grown to tolleate (mike lamb, brian bass, etc)
i've been on a major buzz kill with the Twins lately...such mediocre play it's ridiculous!