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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meet the Burns

Blackburn vs. Washburn today. I don't know how much hope I have in the Twins to pull through with a win. I love my boys, don't get my wrong, but lately (at least the bullpen) is making me want to stick large pins under my fingernails. I think that would be more enjoyable than the losses we've suffered lately. The stats for the two starts are almost opposites...Blackburn 8-6, while Washburn is 5-10. It would appear to be an easy win, but nothing is easy in this series. Just when you think you have the upper hand, Gardy brings in the bullpen to blow us out of the water and destroy our chance.

Yes, Gardy, I am as upset as you are with our losses. STOP THE BLEEDING ALREADY! I read somewhere else (another blog) that they felt the Twins should get rid of Brian Bass, and bring up Korecky. I am all for bringing back Bobby Korecky. I like him; we're friends. I don't know if I am entirely in agreement about getting rid of Bass. I don't mind him all the time. Sometimes he makes me want to puke, but not nearly as much as a few others gone before him, and another who is still here. I'm sorry, Katie, I know Boof is your boyfriend...but some times, we just gotta let them go. I petition for Boof to be the one to go to make room for Korecky. Korecky is WAY more entertaining to watch in the bullpen than Boof. He at least does a potty dance.You may want to prepare yourself in case our wonderful Joe Mauer look-a-like, Nick Blackburn can not pull through for us and get the run support needed to not be swept by the Mariners. I think that would be more painful than Twins fans cheering for Boston or the Yankees when we play them.
I am in a crabby mood now just thinking of the craptastic losses we've encountered, wondering if I should even pull out my radio, dust it off, and listen to today's game (at 3:40pm). It will help pass the workday, but there is a slight chance it could put me in a worse mood than I already am in. I will debate this subject before 3:40 comes around. But for now, pug puppies for your enjoyment. They have the adorableness factor that the Twins are missing right now. Start winning again boys, and your adorableness may just increase exponentially!
How could you not love these little guys?!?! They are SO cute! The one is even sad about the Twins losing too. It'll be okay.


S.Rail said...

The Battle of the Burns...The Black one is better! ;D The Twins are giving me a headache right now because this is so ridiculous that they are losing to these guys. I got my mind off of it by photoshopping Reyes (pics on blog) and taking a nap. It's actually soothing...and I am soo ready for this game tonite...with the 'burns'!

Mrs. Slowey said...

I find it also kind of humorous that the Black one has SIDE burns too...hehe...I'm easily entertained. :)
LOVE the Reyes pic! that's funny!

S.Rail said...

Haha! Good one! Side-burns for the black-burn...