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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Share the Love!

Okay, so I'm all for winning! I love the win we got last night. What a way to look absolutely amazing! I was very proud of Kevin for getting a career high 12-strikeouts. He was on fire! They were talking on the radio that if Gardy kept Slowey in for the 8th and 9th, that he could possibly blow Santana's high record out of the water. Too bad Gardy wasn't listening to Dazzle and John. I would have liked to have seen Kevin demolish the 17 strikeout record.

But as I sat listening to the game, I couldn't help but think to myself: How is it that we can pummel the A's for 13 runs tonight, but yet last night (Monday) we couldn't manage to do any more damage than 2 runs? Was it because Adam Everett played in that game (most anyway)? Was it because Delmon Young played in that game (pretty sure he did anyway)? I'm not sure, but whatever it was, they need to not repeat that mistake for today's final of the series against Oakland (here).

I was reading today how Casilla is likely to come off the DL either in time for today's game or for the 14-game road trip that starts tomorrow in Anaheim. Who will the Twins demote in order to make room?? Do you get rid of Randy Ruiz, who has been on fire? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT?
My vote: Adam Everett. Place him on waivers again, and set him for an assignment with Triple-A, or just flat out release him. It will benefit you in the long run. Punto and Brendan can share the love at shortstop. They both are exceptional at that position, plus (as sad as this is to say, but it is the truth), Nicky Punto is hitting better than Adam Everett anyway.

Adam Everett: .211
Mike Lamb: .236
Brendan Harris: .267
Nicky Punto: .275
Brian Buscher: .314
Randy Ruiz: .379

Seems clear to me who should go, and who should stay. Hell, Go-Gomez, who had (prior to the 2-run home run last night) had been on a 0-14 streak, is still even hitting .250.) Makes you wonder just how bad Adam Everett really is. (I do know that he had been out hurt for a while, and sucked big time before coming back. His average prior to coming back from the DL was .177.) I still vote for Everett.

I do know why the Twins lost on Monday night. To be completely honest, I forgot there was even a game on, until we turned on the TV and I go, oh yeah, I forgot the Twins were playing tonight. For that I am sorry boys. I vow to not forget about you guys again! (I'll try not to anyway). I turned it on though in the 8th inning, just before Denard Span got a hit, and they scored the two runs after I tuned in. Anyone else think that they may have won if I would have only tuned in sooner? I think so!

Okay now for some ridiculous fun... (captions below pictures)

Kubel and Buscher share an intimate moment...moments before their first kiss...
Honestly, I think this is the first time I've really seen Brian Bass smile. He has potential to be kinda cute. I feel dirty saying that.


S.Rail said...

I saw Brian Bass smile last night and thought: "have I ever seen him smile before?" He does seem cute, but don't fall into his trap! hehe.

P.S. I love Randy Ruiz!! Don't you?!

Mrs. Slowey said...

you know honestly, I was really indifferent toward Ruiz when he got the call up, didn't know a whole lot about him however.
but yeah, he's winning me over! he keeps up his hot streak, i'll be a huge fan of him!
plus you gotta cheer for someone so NOT young (+30) and doing so well! good for him! plus i find it humorous that he's got Carmen Cali's old number...and he's definitely NOT Carmen Cali. My ex-pyscho roommate LOVED Carmen Cali. Ahh...

S.Rail said...

Haha. Who does love Carmen Cali (besides your roomate)? He is so...weird...and creepy.

I didn't know much about Ruiz either...but now I am such a big fan of him. Probably because I enjoy him running like there's no tomorrow! I mean, scoring from 1st? I thought only Gomez could do that!!

Mrs. Slowey said...

i agree! (well I know Katie from Those Girls loves Carmen too, but other than her my ex-psycho roommie, no one!)
he is creepy!! plus it was funny last year, and also at Twinsfest...she gave Carmen her phone number, he looked at the slip of paper and was like..."ok?" it was histarical! i think she actually thought he'd call too!

can't believe they got rid of brian bass...just when i was starting to warm up to him! boo.