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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thank You Boston!

Dear Boston Red Sox,
for beating Chicago White Sox last night, and with our win, allowing us to come back into first place in our division. I know we screwed it up last time we had first, but this time we promise to be more careful with the division lead than we were on Sunday. It would have been nice if you could have won on Sunday so that we could have kept our lead, but we understand that you didn't want to get any further ahead on the Wild Card standings just in case we have to beat you out for that.


MN Twins
(specifically Adam Everett)

I was so happy on Friday night when Kevin Slowey got the win...although he got a little shaky in the 6th inning, Breslow was able to come in a save that inning (granted he only needed 1 out). I was happy when my not-so-favorite Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano came in to knock out KC and get a win...and the division lead. Only to have Adam Everett be Adam Everett on Sunday and suck, making a bad play that ended up being really costly, and also Mike Lamb who fielded a ball instead of covering his base like he should have. That was the moment I found myself saying "yep, you're definitely a third baseman, not Justin Morneau."

And even though I didn't get to watch a good portion of the game last night thanks to Monday Night Football (I know, it's preseason...tell the boys who have the cable this), I still got to see the great highlights and the fact that we won, while wearing the Navy jerseys I might add, and Glen Perkins can definitely be a proud papa! Thanks also to Alicia for giving birth just when we needed to pull through for a win...it gave Glen the extra oompf to take out the Yankees and blank them throughout the game. We appreciate you're help.

I have also figured out why Craig Breslow took the loss on Sunday...take a close look yourself...you'll see that there is some crap growing on his face that he should get rid of. And quickly. Craig, you are not Joe Mauer. You do not look hot with facial hair. Get rid of it!


S.Rail said...

Hoorah Red Sox! And Adam Everette...I guess. (I still don't like him though). Just wait till Casilla comes back...aw I miss him :(

Mrs. Slowey said...

i miss Casilla too! And Cuddy! :(