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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WTF and then some...

So I should start by telling all about Thursday night debacle, and the hat trick that got Gardy suspended for a game. It was complete and utter ridiculous fun! It's always entertaining to watch Gardy getting pissed off and fly his arms around while he over exaggerates all of his motions, but after seeing him kick his hat, inspiring others (in the stands) around him to throw their hats in their anger too. Funny. Hats were flying everywhere, and people were extremely loud with their boos (on the horrible call). Everyone was getting really into it. And then Ozzie Guillen had to act like a two-year old and storm on to the field telling his team to quickly come into the dugout. It was dangerous. I mean, gosh, I'd hate getting hit with a HAT too. (I know there were baseballs and a nerf football that got thrown onto the field too, but only hats by the time Ozzie took the players off.) It was such a buzz kill when the PA announcer started to let everyone know that if we didn't stop (I never actually participated, just kept shouting hate cheers and booing the White Sox), the Twins were going to be forced to forfeit the game. THANK GOD people stopped because we made another magnificent come from behind win to kick the White Sox when they were down. It's fun beating the White Sox. I enjoy it.
We had the crazy ladies next to us, and a couple crazies in front of us, but I LOVE sitting by them. Secretly I don't think their water bottles (Twins water bottles nonetheless) have water in them...and I'd like to ask them for a taste some day. They enjoyed the chants that we came up with..."Who hates AJ?" responding with "We hate AJ!" every time AJ was up to bat. Booing Nick Swisher until we were blue in the face...and then once we started our come back doing a cheer that went something like this..."Give me an A" "A" "Give me a N" "N" "Give me a "A" "A" "Give me an L" "L"..."What's that spell?" "Coming from behind!" Let me tell you...a lot of people busted out laughing when we busted out those cheers...a "teamwork" cheer was used, also a "score". They are fun cheers. If ever the game is lacking, they sure do make for good entertainment. (If anyone wants to know how the other two go, just ask!)

I was so optimistic when it came to Kevin Slowey's day for pitching...I thought nothing was going to take us off of the great high we had obtained...and then the long ball happened...not once, but twice. Poor Kevin. It's not his fault. It's Nick Swisher's. (I have no one else really to blame, and he seemed like a great candidate). It was completely unfortunate that none of our bats could answer back to give Kevin the win.

I about hurled when I saw that Francisco Liriano was wearing the crap cut-off jerseys on Sunday. I screamed at the TV and said "NO!" I thought for sure I would be rid of those blasted things when they out-righted Livan Hernandez...but no such luck. The garbage jersey remains a "staple" in our rotation. Be careful, Francisco...I don't want to fight with you. Look at what happened to Livan when I fought with him. Obviously I won that fight! Next time, please just wear the regular jerseys. I have no problems with them.

Last night is where my WTF was shouted out this morning about...I was watching the game before going to bed (I had to work this morning, so sleep was necessary...I figured it was Seattle...we could beat the worst team in baseball). Oh my...when I turned on Sports Center this morning to learn that the Twins lost...and not by like a run or two, but 11-6 I was floored. I was also shocked to see that Matty Guerrier was the one who gave up a lot of the runs (probably not all were earned runs for him however). It was appalling to lose to Seattle. Apparently Matty's "Minnesota nice" was way too big of a factor last night during the game. He felt bad for Seattle and how much they lose...and just said, "Okay, here, take the win. We really don't need it anyway. We'll just beat you tomorrow and we'll still be ahead of the Sox." Matty...WE NEED EVERY WIN!! ESPECIALLY THE ONES AGAINST CRAP TEAMS!!!!

I have decided that my friend Jules is bad luck. They are only 1-4 in the games she has went to. Not good odds. I don't think I can take my chances anymore...


S.Rail said...

Ugh...I woke up this morning, thinking: yes...when I went to bed they were leading 6-0...they're gunna win right? NOT. My jaw dropped when I saw that the final score was 11-6. We cannot, repeat, CANNOT lose to these people. Now we are tied (thank goodness the Sox didn't play) for first. We have GOT to win these next two...and its a shame that Slowey won't be pitching in any of them :(

Mrs. Slowey said...

the loss must be atributed to all Twins fans who watched the first 3/4 of the game, only to turn it off when we had the lead of 6-0/1. Which was probably a good number of us! GRR!
Once again, the bullpen fails us!
:( I don't like when they do that to us. It's annoying.
Here's to a win for Timmy tonight!