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Friday, September 19, 2008

Are We Fighting?

So I'm beginning to wonder if the Twins players are fighting with me, and I don't even know it. They haven't been winning to the teams that we all know they can beat, and they are starting to look slightly pitiful. Our pitchers should be going deep into the games (since it's so late into the season), but they are not. My mother's theory is that it's because they haven't ever had to pitch this long (into the season) or this much. Maybe she's right. I'm not sure...but it just feels like lately, they don't like me as much as they did earlier in the season. When I'd turn on a game and they would start coming back and take the game over to win it. It was awesome and amazing. I loved every minute of it.

Boys, I'm sorry. For whatever I did. I know, I turned on football on Monday night (hey, it was a really awesome game, so I'm glad I watched it) when you were still facing the Indians. I know, I turned off Kevin Slowey pitching, and opted to watch football (a sport I have never...before this year...been into.). No the football players were not as cute as you, but I didn't care who won that game. I just wanted my fantasy players to do good. Again, I'm sorry. I don't want to be fighting with you boys. Please, let's just make up.

Good job last night with the come from behind win. I was very very impressed, consider Evan Longoria got 3 home runs, and you were playing the very hot Tampa Bay Rays. I did get mad when Jason Bartlett (who knows better) got a hit. He's not supposed to do good against us. I love him still and want him to do great, just not against us.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. With the boys not winning, and me feeling like it's my fault, I've been not-so-inspired to write about it. It depresses me. Shiny new football has abducted me and taken me hostage. I do still love all the boys on the Twins (even those new guys who I say "who the hell is that?" when they come onto the screen.) Yes, I love you all boys!! Keep baseball season around longer for all of us! Otherwise withdrawl comes far too fast and sucks to have to bear until March when only Spring Training starts. Don't give up on us yet boys...we're not giving up on you!

To anyone who reads this insane post: Thanks for not having me committed. I know I sound a little fruity...I think it's lack of wins and lack of caffiene in my system.

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