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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Call in the Reinforecements!

Okay, I was all excited about the game last night, when we had the lead going into the 5th inning and we were playing well. Delmon Young and I were even getting along (which doesn't happen all that often). And then...the long balls haunted Glen and the bullpen (::cough::Boof::cough::) couldn't pull us out of the 1 run lead we lead with. Unfortunately our bats were silenced after 4th inning...no coming from behind for us last night.

Here I was thinking that it was because I watched games that they won. During the Oakland series, I watched the Kevin Slowey game (Friday's game) and the Scott Baker game (Sunday's game). Both games the Twins won, scoring 12 runs in each of the games. It made me feel good about myself, and like the Twins honestly needed me to win the games, when the other two games against Oakland, they lost 3-2 each night. Coincidence? I think not! But then, last night, WHILE I WAS WATCHING...the bullpen (Boof) blew the game. So much for taking first place back over. Now we are just still tied for first.

TONIGHT: Mr. Nick Blackburn goes up against Toronto's AJ Burnett. Maybe I'll have to muster up the "who hates AJ?" cheer again (yes I know it's a different AJ, but it works nonetheless.) Nick, I WANT A WIN FROM YOU! It's Toronto, you know you can beat them. Leave the losses for teams who actually are better than you, and when you don't really need the wins. Right now, we NEED the wins. We need to blow Chicago out of the water so that they don't have a chance of making post season. How great would it be for the Twins (the baby team that they are) to make post season? AMAZING! (Bandwagoners: Jump on now!)

Pictures from the game should come after the weekend. I'll be in attendance for both Friday and Saturday's games. Looking forward to beating stripes off Detriot Tigers.

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