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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Heat Is On

I feel that way too, boys. I am very pleased with the win again last night. It was killer and very necessary. What a nice throw by Brendan Harris to Justin at first! Who knew he had such a rocket of an arm? Maybe we should put him in left field...it'd be like Cuddy for left. Another nice grab by Brendan too on the pop up...I watched as the Twins fan almost nabbed that ball right before it went into Brendan's glove. Did he not realize how pissed off Brendan would have been if he would have gotten in his way?! Granted, it still would have been an out for fan interference, but still. I like legitimate outs...not crap call outs.

Good job to Mr. Nick Blackburn for pitching like we all know he pitches and making some great outs and just being you. I am very proud of how he did last night, though I will admit that I was nervous before the game started with how his last few outings had went. He showed me that I had nothing to be nervous about.

Joe Nathan...ahh...I love that man. He almost always (usually it's when I'm watching) gets at least one runner on base. I know secretly that he's just allowing me to see his beatifulness longer and just be dazzled by him. I love him for that.

I was even very proud of Boof last night. I blame it on all the adrenaline I have pumping right now, but whatever the case, I am proud of him too. He did good!

I find it funny how Craig Breslow kind of kept below everyone's radar for so long because he was quite frankly mediocre when he came in relief, but lately he's been on fire and trying to steal the show for the bullpen. He's on fire and he wants everyone to know and see it.

It is sad though, that Jesse Crain and Dennys Reyes are at the same place they were on my liking list 2 years ago. I cringe when they come in, and moan every time. It's not right. I thought we were beginning to see eye to eye. Guess I was wrong. Who knows, there still is time for them to redeem themseleves and prove me wrong. So Jesse, Dennys, bring your best to test!!

Well on a fun note, I am going to the game tonight, and will be also sporting my new magnificent sign. My friend and I spent 2 hours last night on it (I probably worked on it for 3 hours total) and I am very happy with our results to display (hopefully in front of the White Sox's dugout). Here are the pictures from the process.

Before any of the glitter and glam...
My friend hard at work coloring in letters...

Coming along...

Kitty wanted some fun too! it was humorous.
Final product. I am proud.


S.Rail said...

Very cool :)

Mrs. Slowey said...

I think it brought them luck too! :)