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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Like Making Up!

I was so happy last night to learn that the Twins and I are no longer fighting. It was such a great feeling! I was incredibly proud of Timmy for doing such an amazing job shutting down the White Sox. Did anyone else see the look on Ozzie's face when he knew they had been defeated by the Twins (late in the game)? His look was priceless! It made me laugh...especially because of what he thought he could get away with last time his team was in town. I don't think so Ozzie!
If you didn't get a chance to watch the game, you missed an amazing play by Scott Baker. He had the ball popped up to him...it fell out of the tip of his glove, but he managed (before it fell to the ground) to catch it with his bare hand. I thought for sure that play would beat Kubel out for highlight reel worthy, but I'm not finding any video of it yet on ESPN, so that has yet to be determined. Here it is on MLB/Twins site.

I completely 100% called Kubel's first home run last night. When he came up to bat, I told him to make my cousin proud and get a home run. I told him, to make his career stats against Vasquez 3-22! And then with that next pitch, he clocked it out of the park. Dick and Bert were like "and he just got it over the baggie"...no, he got it WELL over the baggie in right field! Crazy kids.

Tonight, while listening to the game (hopefully finding some way to watch it again), I will be making a "cheesy high school Homecoming pep rally style" sign for the game on Thursday per Katie from Those Girls' request. It is going to be bad-ass and I need everyone to look out for me on TV. My goal tonight is to find pom poms to put on my sign...but I'm thinking 2 poster boards wide will be about the size. I hope my friend doesn't mind holding up the other end of the sign, because frankly, she doesn't have a choice! :)

I knew you had it in you boys. You did so well last night, and I am incredibly proud of all of you! Tonight, lets show those Sox who is boss! Take them down! Kubel took the beating last night, so that Justin, Joe, Cuddy, and others could be in the spotlight tonight and be powerhouses over the White Sox. Our MVP, and Batting Champ will ROCK YOUR SOX OFF! (yes, I know, I'm a nerd and super cheesy.

Make sure to watch the video of Timmy's catch. Now...some pictures. (Captions below)

I just thought this was a cool shot. Thanks, Kubs!
DIVE! wait...is he trying to prove he can do a 1-handed push up?! It really was a great catch too!
If you can see Justin's face...the first guy in from the left...it's hysterical! Apparently, Young's home run was a "jaw-dropping" experience. Literally.

Okay...now I know these won't be the best...but you can see some screen caps of the catch...

He gloves it...

Bobbles it...
And bare hand catches it!

I LOVE Timmy! :)

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