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Friday, September 26, 2008

Pig Pile on Casilla!

(Above picture is my view from the cheap seats out to the crowd of 43,000+).
All I can say, is that I'm glad I decided to use the Twins as a distraction for Thursday night. I don't regret it. It was such an amazing night and a phenomenal win, I couldn't have asked for a better game! (Well, on second thought...I wouldn't have minded Kevin Slowey not getting hurt and taken out in the 4th.) I secretly think that the sign I made brought the Twins luck. My friend and I flashed the sign during the end of every half inning! We tired ourselves from sitting and then standing by the time we were done. It was worth it. The Twins needed our positive attitudes.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of Go-Gomez, and Span piling on Casilla. I did however enjoy the picture of Nicky and Joe. It almost looks like it's a moment we shouldn't interrupt.
Wow. So I think that when I tell the boys that I don't accept anything but wins, that they know I mean it. So boys...just a friendly reminder about this upcoming series against the Royals. I ONLY accept WINNING! Let's keep kicking Chicago while they are down...and boy they must be down after that come-from-behind win that the Twins stuck to them.

It was so loud in the Metrodome last night during the 7-10 innings, that I had to yell (almost at the top of my lungs) just to talk to my friend who was sitting right next to me. I don't think I've ever heard it that loud in there before (minus a couple concerts and the volume of the music being louder.) It was such a cool experience and just downright fun that I am very happy I went.
Plus as an added bonus I got people around me to do the "Who Hates AJ?" response with me. (response being "We hate AJ!!") And look...this picture makes me think that AJ even was cheering (against him) with us! AJ even hates AJ!
Here are some of the reasons (10 to be exact) why I hate AJ:

1. He's AJ. Enough said.
2. "But, you know what, we get them tomorrow, these first two games don't really matter. So our goal is to win tomorrow, and we'll move on." --AJ (after Wednesday nights game)
3. "We have to look at it like we are tied." (AJ on the Central race standings...fyi AJ: THE TWINS ARE IN 1ST PLACE!)
4. He's AJ
5. He's so arrogant, you just want to throw balls onto the field in hopes of hitting him by a pitch (good job, Kevin in clocking him with the ball! As much as I didn't like putting him on base, I liked seeing him get hit by the pitch. It was like the Rincon hitting Torii all over again. Made me happy.)
6. He's still AJ
7. Because he thinks he's cool with bleach-blond hair.
8. His bleach-blond hair
9. "I don't think they hit one ball hard and got three runs. It's pretty funny, but you know, that's the way it goes." (AJ on getting beat by the Twins)
AND #10 REASON....

10. HE'S AJ!

Okay, so I found some pictures to share...a few I find funny...for various reasons. This one of Go-Gomez (who was on FIRE last night)...I could see him making this face from my seat in the cheap seats...section 200 (look it up if you don't know where that is in relation to home plate).
I was kind of confused why the BFF's did this?! Did they just want to hold each other a little bit. It was pretty funny how in sync they were with their jump and the arm raises though. It almost look choreographed. Sadly, it probably wasn't.
On my last note...I was very impressed by the bullpen last night. They really came through for us and brought back the old school bullpen that I had been missing so much. I will admit, I cringed when Reyes and Crain got brought in, but they proved me wrong (at least last night) and got the out (Crain, not without a couple base hits that got me worried). I was super happy I got to see extra Joe Nathan...and Joe Nathan kicking White Sox ass and shutting them down. Boof, I will admit even did really well. I was mildly entertained though because he pitched to AJ (everyone booed AJ every time he was up...). It was kinda of confusing though...I wasn't sure if people we continually booing AJ...or if they were BOOOFing it. Guess I'll never know. Or could just assume it was boos for AJ. :)

Tonight is the start of the Royals series. Remember, boys. Wins are the only thing acceptable.

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S.Rail said...

The number 9 one makes me want to hit him upside the head. The number 5 one I sooo agree with!