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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've decided that I'm not going to let the Twins fight with me. I'm taking back over my love that we share and they are going to win! I really like wins. Especially if like tonight, it means beating the White Sox! Boys, it'll be really great to sweep the Sox.

I feel a little bit bad, during the Rays series, on the third game, I got mad at Jason Bartlett. He wasn't listening to me anymore and he was getting hits, and making really good plays. Basically, he was not helping the Twins out at all, so I told him that we were fighting. I think he's learned his lesson and probably doesn't like fighting with me anymore. He got an error in that game, and then he got benched on Sunday. He was not supposed to do good. Not against his former team. And definitely against Kevin Slowey. That was just wrong.

I thought that I was done attending games for the season, when my free tickets ran out, but I couldn't resist the pull of the pending series against the Sox, so I broke down and got tickets. Plus I figured I needed to see Kevin Slowey once more in action before the season ended (since I know, even with playoff possibilities, I most likely wouldn't be able to go to any post-season games as much as I would want to). So I will be in attendance for my final game for this year on Thursday. Who knows, maybe there will even be a few tears shed as I know the season for baseball is almost behind for this year. It's sad to think about...but it also makes me look forward to Twinsfest in the winter!

TONIGHT: Scott "Timmy" Baker faces off against those Chicago White Sox. I have faith that Timmy will pull through for us! I wish I could be at all these games, but I know I can't. I am here for you though boys! And I'll be cheering loudly from home for you to beat those White Sox dirty!!


S.Rail said...

AH! WE CAN DO THIS!! The Twins just have to play hard and play smart. I am really nervous to watch thought. I am wishing them the best of luck!

Mrs. Slowey said...

I'll be nervous too!! And I won't get to watch...just listen! More nerve wracking I think!!