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Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Rays Away...

*It's unfortunate that Nick Blackburn had to endure a similar loss in his final game of the season as he did in his first game of the season.
*It's unfortunate that the gross Chicago White Sox are going to the playoffs and not us, because of 1 stupid run.
*It's unfortunate that I am really saddened that baseball season (to me) is officially over (as of Tuesday)...when the Twins are done, I don't really pay too much attention, other than find out who won the World Series.
*It's unfortunate that AJ Pierzynski is such a jerk and couldn't have dropped that ball when Michael Cuddyer stupidly plowed into him.
*It's unfortunate that AJ didn't get hurt when Cuddy plowed into him.

On a lighter note:

*It's GREAT that Jason Bartlett gets to go to post season this year. We (meaning me) like Jason Bartlett and are SO happy for him...even though he's with another team this year.
*It's great that Matty Garza gets some love and gets to see what "post season" means...and knowing how his team got there.
*It's great that Evan Longoria is nice to look at. It won't make me irritated if I watch any of the playoff games, because even though AJ and Co. are disgusting to look at...Evan makes it all better. Add Jason to that mix, and I'm set.
*It's great that Bartlett played so well in the field that the local chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America named him the team's MVP despite the shortstop driving in only 36 runs and scoring just 45 runs.
*It's great that Matt Garza won 11 games this year. (some of which were even home games for Tampa Bay)
*It's great that The Rays drew crowds of 30,000 or more on 23 occasions (winning 21 times). That makes for good hope for first round play offs!

I think I need to change a poster I made for the Twins-Rays series (back in May?)...it said "Not a Rays fan (with Devil crossed out) but a Bartlett fan." Today, and until the end of post season. I am officially a Rays fan.

Now, I am off to count down the days until Twinsfest...approximitely 120 days and counting (give or take a few, depending on when the dates of Twinsfest actually are this year). It should be a blast this year.

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