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Friday, September 26, 2008

Pig Pile on Casilla!

(Above picture is my view from the cheap seats out to the crowd of 43,000+).
All I can say, is that I'm glad I decided to use the Twins as a distraction for Thursday night. I don't regret it. It was such an amazing night and a phenomenal win, I couldn't have asked for a better game! (Well, on second thought...I wouldn't have minded Kevin Slowey not getting hurt and taken out in the 4th.) I secretly think that the sign I made brought the Twins luck. My friend and I flashed the sign during the end of every half inning! We tired ourselves from sitting and then standing by the time we were done. It was worth it. The Twins needed our positive attitudes.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of Go-Gomez, and Span piling on Casilla. I did however enjoy the picture of Nicky and Joe. It almost looks like it's a moment we shouldn't interrupt.
Wow. So I think that when I tell the boys that I don't accept anything but wins, that they know I mean it. So boys...just a friendly reminder about this upcoming series against the Royals. I ONLY accept WINNING! Let's keep kicking Chicago while they are down...and boy they must be down after that come-from-behind win that the Twins stuck to them.

It was so loud in the Metrodome last night during the 7-10 innings, that I had to yell (almost at the top of my lungs) just to talk to my friend who was sitting right next to me. I don't think I've ever heard it that loud in there before (minus a couple concerts and the volume of the music being louder.) It was such a cool experience and just downright fun that I am very happy I went.
Plus as an added bonus I got people around me to do the "Who Hates AJ?" response with me. (response being "We hate AJ!!") And look...this picture makes me think that AJ even was cheering (against him) with us! AJ even hates AJ!
Here are some of the reasons (10 to be exact) why I hate AJ:

1. He's AJ. Enough said.
2. "But, you know what, we get them tomorrow, these first two games don't really matter. So our goal is to win tomorrow, and we'll move on." --AJ (after Wednesday nights game)
3. "We have to look at it like we are tied." (AJ on the Central race standings...fyi AJ: THE TWINS ARE IN 1ST PLACE!)
4. He's AJ
5. He's so arrogant, you just want to throw balls onto the field in hopes of hitting him by a pitch (good job, Kevin in clocking him with the ball! As much as I didn't like putting him on base, I liked seeing him get hit by the pitch. It was like the Rincon hitting Torii all over again. Made me happy.)
6. He's still AJ
7. Because he thinks he's cool with bleach-blond hair.
8. His bleach-blond hair
9. "I don't think they hit one ball hard and got three runs. It's pretty funny, but you know, that's the way it goes." (AJ on getting beat by the Twins)
AND #10 REASON....

10. HE'S AJ!

Okay, so I found some pictures to share...a few I find funny...for various reasons. This one of Go-Gomez (who was on FIRE last night)...I could see him making this face from my seat in the cheap seats...section 200 (look it up if you don't know where that is in relation to home plate).
I was kind of confused why the BFF's did this?! Did they just want to hold each other a little bit. It was pretty funny how in sync they were with their jump and the arm raises though. It almost look choreographed. Sadly, it probably wasn't.
On my last note...I was very impressed by the bullpen last night. They really came through for us and brought back the old school bullpen that I had been missing so much. I will admit, I cringed when Reyes and Crain got brought in, but they proved me wrong (at least last night) and got the out (Crain, not without a couple base hits that got me worried). I was super happy I got to see extra Joe Nathan...and Joe Nathan kicking White Sox ass and shutting them down. Boof, I will admit even did really well. I was mildly entertained though because he pitched to AJ (everyone booed AJ every time he was up...). It was kinda of confusing though...I wasn't sure if people we continually booing AJ...or if they were BOOOFing it. Guess I'll never know. Or could just assume it was boos for AJ. :)

Tonight is the start of the Royals series. Remember, boys. Wins are the only thing acceptable.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Heat Is On

I feel that way too, boys. I am very pleased with the win again last night. It was killer and very necessary. What a nice throw by Brendan Harris to Justin at first! Who knew he had such a rocket of an arm? Maybe we should put him in left field...it'd be like Cuddy for left. Another nice grab by Brendan too on the pop up...I watched as the Twins fan almost nabbed that ball right before it went into Brendan's glove. Did he not realize how pissed off Brendan would have been if he would have gotten in his way?! Granted, it still would have been an out for fan interference, but still. I like legitimate outs...not crap call outs.

Good job to Mr. Nick Blackburn for pitching like we all know he pitches and making some great outs and just being you. I am very proud of how he did last night, though I will admit that I was nervous before the game started with how his last few outings had went. He showed me that I had nothing to be nervous about.

Joe Nathan...ahh...I love that man. He almost always (usually it's when I'm watching) gets at least one runner on base. I know secretly that he's just allowing me to see his beatifulness longer and just be dazzled by him. I love him for that.

I was even very proud of Boof last night. I blame it on all the adrenaline I have pumping right now, but whatever the case, I am proud of him too. He did good!

I find it funny how Craig Breslow kind of kept below everyone's radar for so long because he was quite frankly mediocre when he came in relief, but lately he's been on fire and trying to steal the show for the bullpen. He's on fire and he wants everyone to know and see it.

It is sad though, that Jesse Crain and Dennys Reyes are at the same place they were on my liking list 2 years ago. I cringe when they come in, and moan every time. It's not right. I thought we were beginning to see eye to eye. Guess I was wrong. Who knows, there still is time for them to redeem themseleves and prove me wrong. So Jesse, Dennys, bring your best to test!!

Well on a fun note, I am going to the game tonight, and will be also sporting my new magnificent sign. My friend and I spent 2 hours last night on it (I probably worked on it for 3 hours total) and I am very happy with our results to display (hopefully in front of the White Sox's dugout). Here are the pictures from the process.

Before any of the glitter and glam...
My friend hard at work coloring in letters...

Coming along...

Kitty wanted some fun too! it was humorous.
Final product. I am proud.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Like Making Up!

I was so happy last night to learn that the Twins and I are no longer fighting. It was such a great feeling! I was incredibly proud of Timmy for doing such an amazing job shutting down the White Sox. Did anyone else see the look on Ozzie's face when he knew they had been defeated by the Twins (late in the game)? His look was priceless! It made me laugh...especially because of what he thought he could get away with last time his team was in town. I don't think so Ozzie!
If you didn't get a chance to watch the game, you missed an amazing play by Scott Baker. He had the ball popped up to him...it fell out of the tip of his glove, but he managed (before it fell to the ground) to catch it with his bare hand. I thought for sure that play would beat Kubel out for highlight reel worthy, but I'm not finding any video of it yet on ESPN, so that has yet to be determined. Here it is on MLB/Twins site.

I completely 100% called Kubel's first home run last night. When he came up to bat, I told him to make my cousin proud and get a home run. I told him, to make his career stats against Vasquez 3-22! And then with that next pitch, he clocked it out of the park. Dick and Bert were like "and he just got it over the baggie"...no, he got it WELL over the baggie in right field! Crazy kids.

Tonight, while listening to the game (hopefully finding some way to watch it again), I will be making a "cheesy high school Homecoming pep rally style" sign for the game on Thursday per Katie from Those Girls' request. It is going to be bad-ass and I need everyone to look out for me on TV. My goal tonight is to find pom poms to put on my sign...but I'm thinking 2 poster boards wide will be about the size. I hope my friend doesn't mind holding up the other end of the sign, because frankly, she doesn't have a choice! :)

I knew you had it in you boys. You did so well last night, and I am incredibly proud of all of you! Tonight, lets show those Sox who is boss! Take them down! Kubel took the beating last night, so that Justin, Joe, Cuddy, and others could be in the spotlight tonight and be powerhouses over the White Sox. Our MVP, and Batting Champ will ROCK YOUR SOX OFF! (yes, I know, I'm a nerd and super cheesy.

Make sure to watch the video of Timmy's catch. Now...some pictures. (Captions below)

I just thought this was a cool shot. Thanks, Kubs!
DIVE! wait...is he trying to prove he can do a 1-handed push up?! It really was a great catch too!
If you can see Justin's face...the first guy in from the left...it's hysterical! Apparently, Young's home run was a "jaw-dropping" experience. Literally.

Okay...now I know these won't be the best...but you can see some screen caps of the catch...

He gloves it...

Bobbles it...
And bare hand catches it!

I LOVE Timmy! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've decided that I'm not going to let the Twins fight with me. I'm taking back over my love that we share and they are going to win! I really like wins. Especially if like tonight, it means beating the White Sox! Boys, it'll be really great to sweep the Sox.

I feel a little bit bad, during the Rays series, on the third game, I got mad at Jason Bartlett. He wasn't listening to me anymore and he was getting hits, and making really good plays. Basically, he was not helping the Twins out at all, so I told him that we were fighting. I think he's learned his lesson and probably doesn't like fighting with me anymore. He got an error in that game, and then he got benched on Sunday. He was not supposed to do good. Not against his former team. And definitely against Kevin Slowey. That was just wrong.

I thought that I was done attending games for the season, when my free tickets ran out, but I couldn't resist the pull of the pending series against the Sox, so I broke down and got tickets. Plus I figured I needed to see Kevin Slowey once more in action before the season ended (since I know, even with playoff possibilities, I most likely wouldn't be able to go to any post-season games as much as I would want to). So I will be in attendance for my final game for this year on Thursday. Who knows, maybe there will even be a few tears shed as I know the season for baseball is almost behind for this year. It's sad to think about...but it also makes me look forward to Twinsfest in the winter!

TONIGHT: Scott "Timmy" Baker faces off against those Chicago White Sox. I have faith that Timmy will pull through for us! I wish I could be at all these games, but I know I can't. I am here for you though boys! And I'll be cheering loudly from home for you to beat those White Sox dirty!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Are We Fighting?

So I'm beginning to wonder if the Twins players are fighting with me, and I don't even know it. They haven't been winning to the teams that we all know they can beat, and they are starting to look slightly pitiful. Our pitchers should be going deep into the games (since it's so late into the season), but they are not. My mother's theory is that it's because they haven't ever had to pitch this long (into the season) or this much. Maybe she's right. I'm not sure...but it just feels like lately, they don't like me as much as they did earlier in the season. When I'd turn on a game and they would start coming back and take the game over to win it. It was awesome and amazing. I loved every minute of it.

Boys, I'm sorry. For whatever I did. I know, I turned on football on Monday night (hey, it was a really awesome game, so I'm glad I watched it) when you were still facing the Indians. I know, I turned off Kevin Slowey pitching, and opted to watch football (a sport I have never...before this year...been into.). No the football players were not as cute as you, but I didn't care who won that game. I just wanted my fantasy players to do good. Again, I'm sorry. I don't want to be fighting with you boys. Please, let's just make up.

Good job last night with the come from behind win. I was very very impressed, consider Evan Longoria got 3 home runs, and you were playing the very hot Tampa Bay Rays. I did get mad when Jason Bartlett (who knows better) got a hit. He's not supposed to do good against us. I love him still and want him to do great, just not against us.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. With the boys not winning, and me feeling like it's my fault, I've been not-so-inspired to write about it. It depresses me. Shiny new football has abducted me and taken me hostage. I do still love all the boys on the Twins (even those new guys who I say "who the hell is that?" when they come onto the screen.) Yes, I love you all boys!! Keep baseball season around longer for all of us! Otherwise withdrawl comes far too fast and sucks to have to bear until March when only Spring Training starts. Don't give up on us yet boys...we're not giving up on you!

To anyone who reads this insane post: Thanks for not having me committed. I know I sound a little fruity...I think it's lack of wins and lack of caffiene in my system.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Blah Hum-Bug!

Okay, so I have been in such a crap blogging mood lately. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the Twins haven't been winning much as of late. It's mega depressing. I was excited for the win we got on Friday night (which I witnessed in person, so yes, it really did happen) and I thought we were going to have a win Saturday as well, but once again, the bullpen failed us and we crapped out. I even made a comment I NEVER make on Saturday night, I said, "I want Boof in!" That never comes out of my mouth.
Well the good news of the blogging-woes, I have a great story from after the hideous game on Saturday. I attended the KTIS Faith and Family night post-game concert. I figured they'd have a couple players again this year that would talk (the had Lew Ford, and Matthew LeCroy last year)...I didn't have too high of hopes (because of who they had last year). In the back of my mind, I figured Scott Baker would be there, because I know he's a Christian and when I asked what he does before he pitches, he said that he prayed. Well, low and behold besides Scott Baker, Adam Everett was there (which I sort of felt a tiny bit bad about booing him the night before...I'm not his biggest fan)...but then much to my surprise and excitement, KEVIN SLOWEY was also there. They all spoke about their faith, which was mega cool. I have video of Scott Baker and Kevin Slowey talking (see videos I'm attaching).
It was also cool that Scott Baker (his wife, and little boy Elijah) and Kevin Slowey also stuck around to hear Matthew West. They get bonus points from me. I didn't think it was possible for me to like them more. I was wrong.

Videos wouldn't upload here, so I put them on Youtube...i'll post links soon!
Kevin Slowey faith story
Scott Baker faith story

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Call in the Reinforecements!

Okay, I was all excited about the game last night, when we had the lead going into the 5th inning and we were playing well. Delmon Young and I were even getting along (which doesn't happen all that often). And then...the long balls haunted Glen and the bullpen (::cough::Boof::cough::) couldn't pull us out of the 1 run lead we lead with. Unfortunately our bats were silenced after 4th inning...no coming from behind for us last night.

Here I was thinking that it was because I watched games that they won. During the Oakland series, I watched the Kevin Slowey game (Friday's game) and the Scott Baker game (Sunday's game). Both games the Twins won, scoring 12 runs in each of the games. It made me feel good about myself, and like the Twins honestly needed me to win the games, when the other two games against Oakland, they lost 3-2 each night. Coincidence? I think not! But then, last night, WHILE I WAS WATCHING...the bullpen (Boof) blew the game. So much for taking first place back over. Now we are just still tied for first.

TONIGHT: Mr. Nick Blackburn goes up against Toronto's AJ Burnett. Maybe I'll have to muster up the "who hates AJ?" cheer again (yes I know it's a different AJ, but it works nonetheless.) Nick, I WANT A WIN FROM YOU! It's Toronto, you know you can beat them. Leave the losses for teams who actually are better than you, and when you don't really need the wins. Right now, we NEED the wins. We need to blow Chicago out of the water so that they don't have a chance of making post season. How great would it be for the Twins (the baby team that they are) to make post season? AMAZING! (Bandwagoners: Jump on now!)

Pictures from the game should come after the weekend. I'll be in attendance for both Friday and Saturday's games. Looking forward to beating stripes off Detriot Tigers.