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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Butler at your service

What can I say after an amazing night of pitching from Kevin Slowey? And a great night that Nick Blackburn had on Friday? It's nice seeing Nick Blackburn get his first win this season. He's earned that...and he also earned himself a star for Friday's game.
Friday's Three Stars:
1. Nick Blackburn
2. Jose Morales
3. Joe Nathan (come on...I said any time he doesn't screw up, he gets a star...)

Saturday's Three Stars:
1. Kevin Slowey (without a doubt)
2. Jason Kubel (2 homers!)
3. Joe Crede (for his home run...it's not a bad way to get me to at least tollerate you.)

So my cousin texted me yesterday asking who Crede was (she didn't refer to him by name she said "who was that candy in the dougout...wings flying out with no hat on"). She thinks he's hot (she also thinks Kubel is, so interpret her insterst as you may). I on the other hand told her, if it was Crede she was referring to, we could no longer speak. Crede is still not high on my list. He may have gotten himself higher than Delmon Young, but that really doesn't take too much. Joe Crede...impress me Monday night! I dare ya!

Okay, back to last night and the AMAZING Kevin Slowey. Wow. Beautiful. Great pitching. I was sad for him that even after around 114 pitches, they didn't let him get those last three outs...or at least Ron could have put in Joe Nathan. I would not have minded. I think Joe should pitch every game...so that there is always some sort of high point...and always at least one 1-2-3 inning. He's good about that.

I wish I was able to shake Kevin's hand. He was unstoppable and I think he was showing everyone he's got game.

Today's game...well it's still going on, but I don't know how well the "coming from behind" is going to fly today...last chance right now.

1. Denard Span
2. Joe Morales (he's on fire, and I hope he is still here when Joe Mauer returns...he may be deserving of that coveted #1 star even)
3. Carlos Gomez (if for no other reason than him being a basket full of nerves...his wife is at home expecting their first child right now. Too cute!! I'd be nervous too. She could go in to labor when he's up to bat. I'm sure he keeps that in the back of his mind.

I'm pumped for tomorrow night! Lots of pictures will follow!
Let's hope Scott Baker (who I think is the reason Kevin didn't give up any homers yesterday...he's taking them for the team instead) doesn't repeat his first two appearances this year. Let's hope he's Timmy on FIRE again! I want an awesome win with the awesome seats.

See ya all on Tuesday with wondefulness to follow!

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